My Hero Academia: Camie Utsushimi Vs. Itsuka Kendo – Who’s The Better Supporting Character?

My Hero Academia is set in a world where superpowers -- known as Quirks -- are the norm, and the series features an ensemble cast of students who attend elite schools, such as U.A. and Shiketsu. Only the most talented and determined may enroll, and among the supporting characters at the prestigious U.A., Itsuka Kendo of class 1-B just might be the best.

Or is she? Season 4 introduced Camie Utsushimi (her Season 3 appearance was Himiko Toga in disguise), and Camie quickly dominated the scene. This Shiketsu student might rival Itsuka for Best Girl among the supporting cast, aside from major players like Ochaco Uraraka and Momo Yaoyorozu.

Itsuka Kendo's Strengths As The Big Sister Type

Itsuka Kendo is class 1-B's class representative, and, like her counterpart Tenya Iida proved, only the most responsible, reliable and mature students can hold that title. Her leadership qualities are reflected in her battlefield tactics and personality, giving her a reputation as a "big sister" type -- especially as she keeps a lid on Neito Monoma's antics. What's more, Itsuka has healthy and friendly feelings of rivalry with class 1-A, unlike Neito's twisted obsession, and wants to foster better ties with class 1-A's students. After all, why should the two classes villainize one another since they're all aiming to become Pro Heroes?

Itsuka is also brave and selfless on the battlefield, and she risked her life to protect her fellow classmates when the League of Villains' vanguard squad attacked. Itsuka and Tetsutetsu faced Mustard's deadly poison gas attacks, and she used her giant hands to fan away the noxious gases while angrily lecturing the villain about cowardice vs. courage on the battlefield. Mustard, being an underhanded villain, actually shot at Tetsutetsu with a revolver, but Itsuka faced him bare-handed and proved the courage of U.A. students.

Camie Utsushimi's Strengths As A Shiketsu Star

Camie Utsushimi is a second-year student at Shiketsu, a school that rivals U.A. in prestige (and possibly funding, too). Only Shiketsu's very best students were sent to the provisional license hero test, and Camie was slated to attend, along with powerhouses such as Inasa Yoarashi and Seiji Shishikura. However, Himiko Toga captured Camie off-screen and went in her stead. The real Camie appeared partway through Season 4, to take a make-up test with Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo. There, she made a charming first impression as an upbeat and friendly young woman with a habit of using trendy slang in her speech -- and an instant crush on Todoroki.

Overall, Camie is relaxed but focused at the same time, making her easy to get along with during a heroic mission, and her personality can add a little flair to any operation. Her Quirk, Glamour, can cause her exhalations to form illusions, confusing and disorienting the enemy in battle. During the make-up test, Camie used her Quirk to create the illusion of gorgeous auroras when Shoto made an icy playground for the children who were present, and there is no doubt that Camie could use this Quirk in many other creative ways, too.

Itsuka's Weaknesses

Itsuka, as a whole, seems to have few drawbacks or issues holding her back. It could be said, though, that her Big Fist Quirk is unremarkable at best, with melee-oriented hero students such as Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida and even Rikido Sato outclassing her. Itsuka's big hands swept away Mustard's gases just fine, but that was an exception. Also, Itsuka seemed rather unassertive when she and Momo interned with Pro Hero Uwabami.

Camie's Weaknesses

Camie only appeared for a short time in the anime thus far, so it's not entirely clear what all of her weaknesses or drawbacks might be. However, considering that her Glamour ability's illusions do no damage, she could struggle taking down a powerful villain on her own. Instead, Camie seems to be a support-type hero who could partner with a melee-oriented ally, while Itsuka can duel independently. Also, Camie's goofy personality, while charming, doesn't do much to inspire confidence in her heroic allies, and civilians won't see her as an inspiring symbol of peace like All Might.

Itsuka Vs. Camie - Which Supporting Hero is Better?

Itsuka has had far more screen time than Camie so far, so it's best to compare these two support characters pound for pound, in all fairness. Even then, Itsuka is the better character between herself and Camie. She is friendly and charismatic but also tough and disciplined, which edges out Camie's charm. Itsuka has also shown more bravery than Camie and can defeat a villain on her own, and she has demonstrated leadership capabilities as class 1-B's rep.

So far, Camie has been a humorous and intriguing but ultimately inconsequential supporting character, but time will tell. Perhaps her big break is still yet to come.

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