My Hero Academia: Burnin vs Bakugo – Who’s the Better Fiery Character?

Many of the characters in My Hero Academia have Quirks that complement their personalities. Katsuki Bakugo is a perfect example of this. His aggressive and volatile personality matches well with his Quirk: Explosion. Other fire-based characters just don't have the same level of ferocity as Bakugo. Todoroki is often calm and aloof, Endeavor has an intense and serious attitude and Dabi is stoic. However, there's one fire hero who can match Bakugo's energy, and that's the sidekick Burnin.

Moe Kamiji, also known by her hero alias Burnin, is one of the top sidekicks at Endeavor's hero agency. She is the one who welcomed Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo to the agency when they started their internship under Endeavor. Her Quirk, Blazing Hair, allows her to pull chunks from her flaming hair and throw them like fireballs at enemies. Just like Bakugo, Burnin's fiery personality matches her Quirk. However, Bakugo and Burnin share more similarities than that.

Who Has the Better Design?

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Both the character designs and the hero costumes of Bakugo and Burnin help to emphasize their personalities and their powers. The two heroes incorporate black, orange and green in their designs. These colors communicate their fire-based abilities to the audience. This in addition to their hair complements their energetic personalities. Bakugo's hair is all sharp lines and spikes that hint at his aggressive and often rude identity. Burnin's hair is a wild mass of literal fire, so it's no surprise that she is very loud and enthusiastic. Both of them wear a similar style of mask that even further connects the two of them.

The hero costumes of Bakugo and Burnin have also been altered to better accommodate their Quirks. Bakugo has added long sleeves to his outfit to increase the amount of nitroglycerin-like sweat he produces. He collects this sweat in his grenade gauntlets so that he can store it for explosive attacks. Burnin wears a temperature gauge on her belt and carries a fire extinguisher on her back so that she can quickly put out any fires that are out of control. Both characters considered their powers when designing their hero costumes.

Who is Better with Their Quirk?

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In the world of My Hero Academia, it's not enough to simply have a powerful Quirk. In order to be successful, it's vital to know how to use your Quirk effectively. At the beginning of the story, Deku could unleash incredible destructive power but seriously injured himself every time he used that power. This made him a liability in many fights and reduced his capability. Burning and Bakugo don't have this issue, and both use their Quirks in unique ways that give them an edge in combat.

Bakugo's Quirk lets him ignite his nitroglycerin sweat that creates powerful explosions. Although he primarily uses this ability to damage his opponents, he has also adapted it to increase his mobility. He launches himself into the air with his explosions, which allows him to move at great speeds. His control of his Quirk is so fine-tuned that Bakugo can dodge attacks even while in mid-air.

Similarly, Burnin has adapted her Quirk to increase her mobility. Her ability to produce fireballs from her hair already makes her powerful, but she can also use her hair to fly. By manipulating the flames of her hair, Burnin can propel herself through the air. This gives her the same level of mobility as Bakugo, but she doesn't have to worry about overusing her Quirk in order to fly.

Who is the Better Strategist?

Intelligence, decision-making and strategizing are important parts of being a pro hero. Outsmarting a villain can be just as effective as overpowering them. Bakugo and Burnin both possess keen minds that make them dangerous threats on the battlefield. Their hot-tempered personalities affect the ways that they come up with plans and work with others.

Bakugo has a very antisocial personality. He's hyper-competitive and quick to anger. He can easily fly off the handle even when others are trying to be nice to him. When Bakugo first met Burnin, they quickly butted heads due to his attitude. Because of this personality, Bakugo has a difficult time working with others.  However, he has improved on this weakness, as shown during the Joint Training Session where he displayed admirable leadership skills.

Burnin is the opposite of Bakugo in many ways. She is always positive and encouraging of others. This makes her well suited for a leadership role. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Burnin led a team of UA students that were tasked with evacuating citizens. Burnin has both the experience and attitude to be an effective leader and inspire others.

The real question that needs to be answered is, "which hot-blooded hero is the better character?" In terms of overall power, Bakugo has Burnin beat by a mile. Bakugo can produce far more firepower with his explosions than Burnin can with her hair, but strength isn't the only attribute that makes a hero or a great character. Bakugo lacks the people skills that make Burnin such a great leader. He can come up with great strategies for himself, but cooperating with allies can be difficult for him. Bakugo simply isn't ready to be a consistent leader in the same way that Burnin is.

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