My Hero Academia: Bakugo Katsuki’s MBTI & What It Says About the Explosive Hero

My Hero Academia is a hit shonen action series starring the classic shonen protagonist Midoriya Izuku, but more than once, the series has shifted its focus onto side characters instead, many of whom have character arcs worthy of any main protagonist. That includes Izuku's friend Uraraka Ochaco and his childhood friend, the fierce Bakugo Katsuki.

Bakugo Katsuki is an intense antihero with an incredible Explosion Quirk, and like Izuku, he is determined to become the next #1 pro hero and surpass his personal idol, All Might. Given his competitive nature, surprising leadership aptitude, intense focus and strong will, it's fairly easy to determine which MBTI personality type describes him best in the story of My Hero Academia.

Bakugo Katsuki's MBTI Personality Type: ENTJ-T, The Commander

Bakugo Katsuki is defined by more than his bad attitude and rivalry with Izuku. When his entire personality is taken into account, he neatly fits the Commander personality type, represented by the code ENTJ, or Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judging, with some turbulence thrown in. While Bakugo may not be as charismatic or people-oriented as many other Commanders, he does share most other essential traits with this personality type, both on and off the battlefield.

Commanders are more than generals or politicians -- they are anyone who can analyze a situation, take charge and use their strong personalities to get the job done with a group. Commanders are proactive and goal-oriented people who know what they want and how to get it, and they aren't afraid to use authority and teamwork to get it. This sets them apart from their introverted cousins, the INTJ Architects, who are usually loners.

More than anything, ENTJs crave challenges that allow them to grow as people and accomplish something with tangible results, meaning they are doers, not just dreamers. Commanders tend to think big, and even when they don't, they usually tackle small problems or challenges with the same ruthless determination they would for a bigger challenge, and may develop all kinds of effective strategies to handle problems of all sizes.

In a way, Commanders see their entire life as a tournament or a game of chess, always preparing their next move to get closer to ultimate victory, with a strong-willed and forceful personality to back it up. Commanders aren't necessarily overbearing or antagonistic as bosses, but their intensity might scare off gentler personalities that aren't ready to treat everything like a battle that must be won.

Commanders are group-oriented, but they won't make friends with just anyone. Like their Architect cousins, Commanders want to keep the company of like-minded people who can keep up with them on an intellectual level, integrating neatly into the Commander's plans as strategic partners with their own insights and skills to share. Commanders might also enjoy rivalries, pushing themselves to become even greater and grow as a result.

Bakugo Katsuki As A Commander In My Hero Academia

Bakugo has exhibited many Commander traits in the story of My Hero Academia. True to the ENTJ code, he has clear goals and works hard to achieve them, taking one deliberate step at a time to achieve success and prove himself to the world. He did this early in his life, resolving to surpass his idol All Might as the new #1 hero, and as a true Commander, Bakugo has enthusiastically pursued this lofty goal ever since. He's not the type to daydream or ponder fun possibilities -- he has the endgame in mind, and nothing can divert him from the chosen path. He started this "game" as a young boy, and as a true Commander, he won't quit until he wins.

As an ENTJ, Bakugo is competitive and demands the best from himself and others, and he views everyone as either a strategic ally or an obstacle, with little in between. He was both afraid and impressed by Izuku's progress with One For All, and declared his childhood friend his rival, determined to prove his worth by surpassing Izuku en route to becoming the new #1 hero. Commanders like Bakugo thrive on challenges, after all, and Bakugo even formed a second rivalry with Todoroki Shoto. After Shoto's explosive match with Izuku during the U.A. sports festival, Bakugo demanded a similar match with him later, only to be bitterly disappointed when Shoto fought at half-strength and lost. A Commander like Bakugo will always react poorly if a worthy challenge just fizzles out like that.

Bakugo's Commander side truly shone during the joint training story arc, when he assumed command of a four-person team and laid down an aggressive but clever plan of attack against class 1-B's own team. Bakugo surprised everyone in both classes with his refined leadership skills, and with his team's decisive actions, he scored a solid victory in just under five minutes.

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