My Hero Academia: 5 Strange Secrets About Kaminari’s Electrification Quirk

Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia has one of the series’ most versatile and destructive Quirks. “Electrification” allows him to discharge the electricity stored up in his body. Determined to use this power for good, Kaminari enrolled in U.A.’s hero course and participated in rigorous training to prepare himself and his Quirk for the duties of Pro Heroes.

In the quest to master his Quirk and make it more reliable, Kaminari learned much more about it and discovered different uses for Electrification apart from combat. Here are a few secrets he's discovered along the way.

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Kaminari's Electric Attacks Have Different Ranges

Although Kaminari doesn't have complete control of his Electrification yet, he can choose its area of attack by regulating the amount of electricity he emits. His base attack strategy is covering his entire body with electricity. It's not ideal for fighting opponents from a distance, but it does make Kaminari incredibly difficult to deal with in close quarters. Just the slightest contact with him is usually enough to knock any opponent out.

For mid-range attacks, Kaminari can increase the electricity he emits to shock anyone within range. He calls it the “Indiscriminate Shock” and, as the name suggests, he has no control over who the electricity hits. When he’s around teammates, Kaminari considers this move off limits.

Kaminari realized, however, that relying on Indiscriminate Shock and Stun abilities would not be enough to cut it in the world of Pro Heroes. He sought the Support Course's help in figuring out long-range attacks and they provided him with a support item: the Sharpshooting Gear, a tool strapped to his wrists that can fire pointers wherever he wishes. As long as a pointer is within 10 meters of him, Kaminari’s electricity will travel toward it in a straight line, shocking anyone in its path.

Electrification's Unfortunate Side Effects Have Quietly Disappeared

One of the most memorable features of Kaminari’s Quirk was the initial consequence of its overuse. Previously in My Hero Academia, he had to be very careful not to exceed his wattage limit while fighting, otherwise the electricity would short circuit his brain and leave him in an idiotic state for about an hour. Excessive use of his Quirk within a short period of time would also have the same effect.

In this state, he is unable to produce any more electricity -- just as well, since his judgment is seriously impaired. Kaminari becomes helpless and is unable to communicate properly with anyone until he returns to normal.

After extensive training however, this no longer seems to be a problem for Kaminari. His wattage limit has increased and he is now able to fight more freely. During his joint training match against Class 1-B, he used a number of “big” moves -- including his Indiscriminate Shock -- with no apparent ill effects to himself.

Kaminari Can Neutralize Other Electricity-Based Quirks

Jiro once described people with electric-type Quirks as “born winners.” The opportunities their powers give them in modern society are virtually limitless, and their Quirks often come with unique abilities or special applications. Apart from discharging electricity, Kaminari is also able to absorb it from any other source -- even if it's manifested by someone else’s Quirk. This ability has proven invaluable to the heroes on multiple occasions.

The villain Nine from My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising had a troublesome Quirk that allowed him to control the weather, including summoning lightning bolts. When he tried to attack Class 1-A with his lightning, however, Kaminari absorbed it.

He repeated a similar feat during the Paranormal Liberation War. When another villain with an electricity-based Quirk unleashed a wide-range attack on the invading heroes, Kaminari easily absorbed all of it, ensuring that their siege could continue uninterrupted. This ability seems to be wholly unique to Kaminari or quite uncommon at the very least. No villain ever expects him to be capable of it.

Kaminari Can Directly Control His Attacks' Intensity

Although Kaminari cannot control the direction of the electricity he emits, he can control its voltage. His Electrification has the potential to be very dangerous, even deadly, but so far he hasn’t caused long-term harm to anyone. Kaminari’s control is so fine that he can charge his classmates’ cell phones and other electrical gadgets without overloading them. He frequently does this in the midst of his friends without any accidents.

Kaminari can also regulate the electricity he discharges offensively. Against robots and other non-living enemies, he's able to let loose and attack more aggressively. The bolts he releases are powerful enough to destroy them in one shot.

Firing similar charges at humans would likely result in instant death, but Kaminari regularly uses his Quirk against human opponents with no lasting effects -- they just get stunned and knocked out. The only explanation is that Kaminari can control the voltage of his electricity based on how destructive he intends to be.

Kaminari Can Communicate Wirelessly

Kaminari’s Quirk doesn’t just give him the ability to discharge electricity -- he’s also able to manipulate electronics to some extent, but he doesn’t use this ability often. By flowing his electricity through the earpiece he sports as part of his costume, Kaminari can hijack radio waves and transmit any message he wishes through them.

This ability was first revealed during the League of Villains’ attack on USJ. Eraserhead tasked Kaminari with calling for reinforcements using his earpiece. The only reason he couldn't fulfill this duty was because a villain with a similar Quirk was jamming radio signals. Perhaps with more practice, Kaminari could unlock a similar power.

Communicating wirelessly could turn out to be quite an asset during future My Hero Academia team missions, as Kaminari would be able to relay instructions to teammates or call for reinforcements with no other equipment.

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