My Hero Academia: 5 Strange Secrets About Endeavor’s Hellflame Quirk

My Hero Academia's Enji Todoroki is known as the Flame Hero: Endeavor. He constantly lives up to his title when in uniform, lighting himself on fire with his Quirk Hellflame as a way of intimidating opponents and literally being a light for those he's saving. But aside from striking fear into the hearts of evildoers, what other secrets does his Hellflame hold?

Despite Being Immune to Hellflame's Fire, Endeavor Overheats Easily

Endeavor's trademark of lighting himself on fire isn't just for show, nor is it some kind of smoke-and-mirrors effect whipped up by his costuming department -- he actually sets his own beard ablaze daily on purpose!  What this means is that he is entirely flame-proof, from the tips of his toes to the ends of his bright red hair, mostly evidenced by the fact he still has hair at the end of the day. This means that there's not going to be any accidental singeing of his beard from birthday candles or forest fires, whatever the situation may be. In the same way, no matter how heated the battle, Endeavor won't be burning anytime soon.

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Hust because he's immune to burns, however, doesn't make him immune to heat. As he reveals in Volume 20, Chapter 188, overuse of his Quirk at higher temperatures rapidly raises his body heat, slowing his metabolism down and making it each progressive attack afterward more difficult. It's for this very reason he sought out someone with an ice Quirk so that he could negate this drawback in his children.

Hellflame Allows Endeavor to Fall With Fiery Style

Endeavor can make great use of Newton's Third Law to save himself from taking massive fall damage should he be attacked by an aerial opponent. By using his feet and calves as thrusters, he can propel himself into the air at a rate equal to gravity's acceleration, allowing him to appear suspended in mid-air. In addition to the massive firepower required, flying in this particular configuration also speaks to his physical strength as well.

Unlike Iron Man who uses hand-thrusters as stabilizers, the only hint Endeavor gives of bracing himself is his enlarged back flame, but even then, his maneuverability shows off his core strength. While Newton's Third Law may be keeping him in the air, it's that heroic physique that allows him to stay upright.

Hellflame Lets Endeavor Create Solid Fire

Probably simultaneously the coolest and scariest of Hellflame's secrets, Endeavor can use it to create solid flames he can then fashion into weapons, as he did during the extended Nomu fight in Season 2, Episode 30, "Climax." While he's only been shown to make a spear so far, there's a possibility that he could create much more versatile structures, such as nets, crowbars, whips or cages. Due to the fact that he can't stop the fire from burning others, it's best if he sticks to offensive constructs. However, the fact is that his solid flames could be created to aid in rescue efforts and other more unexpected places. From flaming jacks to screwdrivers, so long as Endeavor's the operator and the subject can't melt, the right tool for the job is never more than a quick wave of the hand away.

Endeavor Can Concentrate Hellflame's Fire Into Blinding Lasers

Endeavor Using Flashfire Fist Hell Spider

Taking the above one step further, Endeavor's super-move Flash-Fire Fist Hell Spider concentrates his flames down into thin, super-hot lasers. Since each of these thin lines capable of cutting through an entire building cleanly, this means each and every one of these is hotter than a welding torch, and no doubt just as bright. Welding flashes are no laughing matter, and anyone who so much as looks at one of these lines can go blind.

Beyond even that is the result of Endeavor's persistent and constant training -- he can make up to 10, controlling each one with a calculated imprecise precision. Since his goal with this attack isn't to trap, but to cut, he uses it as a scramble, moving each laser individually from his fingertips so that they're impossible to predict.

Thanks to Hellflame, Endeavor Can Control ALL Fire

Impressively, Endeavor doesn't even need to make his own flames to do this! Hellflame gives him complete control of all the fire in his vicinity, allowing him to use the environment to his advantage. He can start fires as traps, use flames from the environment if he's too tired to create his own, or saving his strength for a larger threat, and can even cool or heat the arena as needed to keep the edge in the fight. It also gives his supremacy against other fire-users who might try to use his element against him, as he shows in Volume 7, Chapter 55 when a Nomu tries to do exactly that. Ironically enough, this would actually make Endeavor great for rescue work.

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