My Hero Academia: 5 Quirk Team-Ups That Work Well Together (& 5 That Don’t)

The My Hero Academia universe is filled with strange and unique quirks. Since most of the population has some sort of Quirk, there is a lot of opportunity for variety and diversity. Thanks to this, society is riddled with both heroes and villains, each of which has powerful Quirks. Only those who want to be heroes and have the best of the best Quirks can learn at schools like U. A. High School and become Pro Heroes.

Since Pro Heroes often have to work together, MHA's characters need to know about synergizing their quirks and learning which ones are good matches and which ones are terrible team-ups.

10 Works: Kirishima Can Hold A Villain And Endure Bakugo's Blast

MHA Bakugo & Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot), and Katsuki Bakugo are already friends at U. A., and it makes sense because these two have Quirks that work well together. Bakugo's Quirk creates powerful explosions, but those explosions can catch his teammates in their wake.

For Kirishima, this is no problem, as his quirk allows him to harden his body into rock-like armor, thus allowing him to mitigate much of the damage from Bakugo's quirk. Bakugo has an incredibly high offense, while Kirishima has an impressive defense.

9 Doesn't Work: Jiro's Sound Sensitivity Would Be Triggered By Present Mic

kyoka koji vs present mic my hero

Kyouka Jiro's quirk is made for reconnaissance and information gathering. Her Quirk, Earphone Jack, allows her to tap into objects and hear what is going on at long distances or behind big barriers. It was also made for stealth and support.

However, her quirk relies on sound and hearing, so when the immature but effective Pro Hero Present Mic is added to the mix, it throws a wrench in Jiro's efficacy. He can send out painful soundwaves that not only draw attention to the area and negate any hopes of stealth but also damage Jiro's hearing and render her quirk unusable.

8 Works: Eraserhead And Shinso's Quirks Can Both Stop Enemies In Their Tracks

Anime My Hero Academia Aizawa With Hitoshi Shinso

Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) is the homeroom teacher for class 1-A and has a useful Quirk that can temporarily neutralize another's Quirk (so long as he does not blink). Hitoshi Shinso has a Quirk that allows him to use his voice and words to brainwash his enemies and take a level of control over their bodies. They both use the Binding Cloth to fight and capture their enemies thanks to Aizawa's mentoring of Shinso.

Since their Quirks can stop one another in their tracks and they can both use their scarves to bind and stop villains, these two would make an excellent pair. Plus, they are both highly intelligent strategists.

7 Doesn't Work: Sero Would Be Outshined By Momo's Creati

Sero and Momo

Hanta Sero has a Quirk that can create and shoot adhesive strips from his elbows. Meanwhile, Momo Yaoyorozu has a Quirk that can create any inanimate object she can imagine and pull it from her skin. Both of these quirks can create objects that can be used both as support and combat items.

However, Momo's ability is far more versatile than Sero's, meaning that if these two were ever in a fight against one another or in a situation where they only had one another to rely on, Momo would quickly outshine Sero. Plus, she has intelligence and maturity on her side.

6 Works: Mineta Could Stick People Down For The One For All To Attack

As much as fans (and other characters) dislike Minoru Mineta for making both them and other characters uncomfortable, his Quirk is useful to a wide range of other heroes, making him a good support character. He has purple balls that grow from the top of his head, and they are sticky enough to stop up emitter Quirks or anchor down villains.

As such, he could render a villain incapable of moving (or at least slow them down) and another hero with more combative power could finish the villain off. It would work well in tandem with emitter Quirks that rely on aiming, but it would also work well with physical Quirks that can one-hit KO, like the One for All.

5 Doesn't Work: Aoyama and Kaminari Can Only Emit A few Shots Each

Aoyama and Kaminari

Both Yugo Aoyama (Navel Laser) and Denki Kaminari (Stun Gun) are students with emitter-type Quirks that can shoot in somewhat of a beam shape. However, they both have serious drawbacks. Using the Navel Laser too much gives Aoyama a terrible stomach ache, and using the bolts of electricity causes Kaminari to temporarily lose his wit.

Each of these characters relies heavily on aim, and there is not a lot of room for error. They can each can shoot a handful of times, and then they are rendered useless, which would put them in a tough spot if they couldn't hit the villain or if there were too many villains.

4 Works: Lemillion Could Phase Through The Debris Ochaco Sends Out

Anime My Hero Academia Uraraka Zero Gravity Quirk

Mirio Togata, better known as Lemillion, has the Permeation Quirk, which allows him to make his body intangible so he can phase through objects and even avoid getting hit. Ochaco Uraraka, or Uravity, can use her Quirk to make herself and other objects lose their weight and float.

With all that debris in the air, the terrain would become difficult for villains. However, it would not be difficult for Lemillion, who could phase through the debris and surprise attack villains who did not know where to look.

3 Doesn't Work: Froppy Can't Make Use Of Mina's Acid

Mina, Ochaco, and Tsuyu in hero costumes

Mina Ashido, or Pinky, can create acid and use it to both fight and maneuver at higher speeds. Tsuyu Asui, whose hero name is Froppy, takes on characteristics of a frog including increased jumping ability, a long tongue, and speed swimming. While Froppy would pair well with another water-based quirk, Mina's liquid is acidic. Froppy would not only be unable to use Mina's acid but would also need to make sure she stayed away from the acid, which could hurt her, too.

2 Works: The One For All Quirk Greatly Benefits From A Healing Quirk Like Recovery Girl's

My Hero Academia's Recovery Girl consulting with All Might and Deku.

The One for All Quirk is one of the strongest quirks in existence. It can increase the user's strength and speed at levels that are not entirely known. However, it also does incredible damage to the body. The first time Izuku Midoriya used it, he destroyed his arm, and Recovery Girl constantly has to heal him.

This is why healing Quirks like Recovery Girl's would pair so well with the One for All. With a relatively unlimited source of healing, the One for All user could fight for longer and take on huge swathes of villains at one time.

1 Doesn't Work: Hagakure's Invisibility Was Meant For Stealth, So It Would Not Pair Well With Flashy Quirks Like Bakugo's

My Hero Academia Toru Hagakure Invisible UA High

Toru Hagakure is another student whose Quirk is primarily used for stealth, reconnaissance, and information gathering. Hagakure is invisible, so if she is quiet enough, she can remain undetected by other villains. She can overhear important conversations, steal vital intelligence, and infiltrate enemy bases.

However, her Quirk is not suited to combat. On top of that, since her quirk is made for stealth, being paired with a flashy quirk like Bakugo's explosions could completely ruin her missions. Not only is his Quirk loud, but it is also visible from far away and would draw way too much attention.

Baki Orochimaru and minato
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