My Hero Academia: 5 Agencies Shinso Should Intern With (& 5 He Shouldn’t)

Hitoshi Shinso is a student at U. A., an academy for heroes-to-be, and is a part of class 1-C. His Quirk, Brainwashing, can mind control others to an extent and relies on his words and voice to work. He also uses a mechanism that allows him to copy other voice intonations to trick his enemies into listening to his Quirk.

On top of that, he has trained in close combat using the same scarf tool, Binding Cloth, that Shota Aizawa, better known as Eraser Head, uses. Because of his Quirk's nature, Shinso has not had as much time to shine. But as the series has progressed, Shinso has proved himself worthy of being a hero trainee, as he is incredibly hardworking and ambitious.

10 Should: Joining Purple Revolution Would Work Best, Seeing As Eraser Head Also Worked There

Purple Revolution agency leader

Purple Revolution Agency, run by His Purple Highness, is an eccentric agency that has taught famous and well-respected heroes such as Midnight and Eraser Head. Since Shinso's Quirk is more of an effect style than a combat Quirk, and also since he works with Eraser Head, he would do well in the agency that taught Eraser Head himself.

His Purple Highness, Tenma Nakoji, is a lot more ostentatious than Shinso is used to. While His Purple Highness is known for melodrama, Shinso is known for his stoicism, so he may have trouble there.

9 Should Not: Fourth Kind's Hero Agency Is Too Physical

Chivalrous hero fourth kind mha

The Fourth Kind's agency is all about physical strength. It not only resembles a construction site, but it also taught heroes-in-training like Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot), who can use his quirk to cover his body in rock-solid armor, and Real Steel, who can solidify his body into metal.

Though Shinso has had some fighting experience and has tools to help him, Fourth Kind's agency would be tough for Shinso, as it is primarily focused on tank-like heroes who can take a lot of damage.

8 Should: Genius, Best Jeanist's Agency, Would Work Best For Shinso's Intelligence

Anime My Hero Academia Best Jeanist Fiber Attack

Best Jeanist is another Pro Hero who values intellect and strategy. As such, Shinso, whose Quirk requires a lot of planning and positioning to take effect, would gain valuable experience from working with Best Jeanist. On top of that, Best Jeanist also has a similar combat style to Shinso.

Best Jeanist focuses on capturing the villain rather than engaging in traditional combat, which mirrors both Shinso and Aizawa's strategies using the Binding Cloth. Best Jeanist's personality is also more stoic, which compliments Shinso's. Genius Agency might be the best choice for a hero like Shinso.

7 Should Not: Fat Gum's Agency Is All About Tanking And Taking Hits

Fatgum, My Hero Academia

Fat Gum's agency poses many of the same issues that Fourth Kind's does, as Fat Gum's position in battle is more of the protective tank that endures hits. Shinso would not be able to fill that position in a group battle, and so he would learn little of how to use his Quirk in practical application.

While Shinso would likely learn a lot from any hero agency, as Shinso has not been allowed the same training afforded to the 1-A class members, he would not be able to grow his Quirk at the rate that he could with other mentors. Furthermore, he would put himself in real danger of being hurt or killed.

6 Should: Hawks Is A Strategist Like Shinso

Hawks thinking

Hawks, the laid-back and popular Pro Hero, likes to fight on the front lines, but his versatile feathers allow him to fight effectively from a distance. While Shinso's skills do not focus on combat, his Quirk could work well with Hawks in a few ways. First, he could stop the villain in their tracks so Hawks could attack. Second, he could use his Binding Cloth to capture villains who have lost in combat.

Though Hawks might not be the ideal mentor for someone with a quirk like Shinso's, they would likely work well, as they are both level-headed and think things through.

5 Should Not: The Pussycats Would Be Too Much For Shinso

If His Purple Highness was too much for someone like Shinso, the Pussycats Agency would be way too much. They are also more of a close combat-focused group, and their physical style of attacks would likely leave Shinso on the sidelines. It is also hard to think of a hero agency that would be worse suited to Shinso's personality.

There would be little room for a person like Shinso in the Pussycats Agency, and it is hard to think of anyone who would be a great match. Their group is already so large and tightly knit.

4 Should: Sir Nighteye's Agency Values Intellect And Gumption

Before his death, Sir Nighteye's agency would have made an excellent agency for Shinso to work at (if he could get in). Sir Nighteye can see glimpses of the future, making his Quirk ideal for support roles, which was why he was All Might's sidekick when he was the Number One Pro Hero. Furthermore, he is highly intelligent.

Like Sir Nighteye, Shinso's Quirk is tricky and great for supporting more combat-oriented heroes. However, the real trick would be in getting into Nighteye's Agency. As fans saw with Lemillion and Deku, Nighteye is very selective, and there is a certain strange humor one must have to get in.

3 Should Not: Mt. Agency Would Leave Shinso Behind In Battle

Mt. Lady would be an awful pairing for Shinso. First of all, her Quirk makes her grow to incredible heights, and as such, she would lose Shinso. Her Quirk is better suited for fighting other Quirks that have areas of effect and other larger enemies. Plus, she is a little immature. Shinso is more of a subtle hero.

Not only would Shinso be left behind if he were to join Mt. Agency, but he would also find there would not be much use for him or someone of his Quirk style.

2 Should: Might Tower Would Provide An Excellent Basis For Any Hero Hopeful

All Might's I'm Here pose

Though All Might can no longer mentor students thanks to the loss of his Quirk, his agency is still a huge deal. It has the funds and resources for the trainees to excel. Even without All Might's quirk, he could still teach his trainees, and his heroic spirit is something that rubs off on students. He is also a beloved U. A. teacher.

It is important for students teetering on the edge of being heroes for wrong or questionable reasons to work with All Might, whose attitude toward being a hero is infectious. Plus, All Might avoids frontline fighting and would have more time to help Shinso focus on his quirk.

1 Should Not: Endeavor Would Be Too Prickly And Into Close Combat For Shinso

Endeavour Hellflame Quirk

Endeavor would immediately leave Shinzo behind. In fact, he tried to do so to Katuski Bakugo, Izuku Midoriya, and his son, Shoto Todoroki, when they were left in his care and he needed to stop a villain. Luckily, those three had powerful physical Quirks that could keep up with Endeavor. This would have been hopeless for Shinso.

Shinso would not work well with Endeavor for many of the same reasons that he would not get along with a lot of hero agencies. Endeavor's personality is too fiery, and combat is not Shinso's strong suit.

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