My Hero Academia: 10 Times Bakugo Acted Like A Pro Hero

Katsuki Bakugo is infamous for his explosive personality, hot-headedness, and propensity for anger, all of which make him a poor candidate for being a Pro Hero. Bakugo knows this, and it's part of the reason why he is insecure next to Izuku Midoriya. However, this doesn't mean Bakugo can't be a Pro Hero.

Though he will likely never be like the traditional Pro Heroes, Bakugo has done many things throughout the anime that prove he is Pro Hero material. From beating enemies and saving innocents to strategizing and holding his resolve, here are ten times Bakugo acted like a true Pro Hero.

10 He Stood His Ground Against The League Of Villains

The League of Villains in My Hero Academia

Though it was probably not a very strategic move, when the League of Villains asked Bakugo to join them, Bakugo responded with an aggressive and resounding no. He even resolved to fight them all at once if they removed his bonds, which they tried to do. Luckily, the Pro Heroes swooped in right at the last moment.

Fans were worried that Bakugo might drift toward the dark side since he was jealous of Midoriya and All Might's relationship, and because he felt insecure compared to Midoriya. But Bakugo is a hero at heart, and he he did not follow in the footsteps of villains.

9 He Knew To Escape When All Might Needed To Fight All For One

Bakugo Kamino Ward Rescue

When All Might showed up to fight off All for One and the League of Villains after they had kidnapped Bakugo, Bakugo was acutely aware that All Might was unable to fight at his full potential for fear of hurting Bakugo in the crossfire. This was a testament to Bakugo's understanding of battle tactics.

Bakugo knew he had to escape, and when he saw Midoriya, Kirishima, and Iida flying through the sky trying to save him, he knew exactly what to do, and he got out of there so All Might could win.

8 He Did Not Light Up The Forest Or Let His Friends Get Taken

Bakugo is kidnapped by the League of Villains

Bakugo's Quirk is volatile and liable to catch things on fire. So, when the League of Villains infiltrated the forest in an attempt to kidnap Bakugo, he and Shoto Todoroki were at a disadvantage because they could not set the forest ablaze. Still, they had to fight off the villains and keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, there came a time when Bakugo was forced to make a terrible decision: go with the villains or risk his classmates being hurt or killed. In true hero fashion, he chose the former.

7 He Did Not Want Anyone To Let Him Win

Shoto Todoroki vs Katsuki Bakugo

While Bakugo is often seen being overzealous in his fights and taking things way too far, he does so because he doesn't want to let anyone win, nor does he want anyone to let him win. This was seen best during the Sports Festival Tournament.

Against Ochaco Uraraka, Bakugo could have beat her without going all out, but he did anyway. While some see this as mean, others see this as Bakugo respecting and acknowledging her as a hero. Furthermore, when he fought Todoroki, who did not go all out as a protest against his father, Endeavor, Bakugo was offended.

6 He Kept All Might And Midoriya's Secret

Bakugo Deku Dorms

Bakugo was enraged when he found out Midoriya, who he had bullied for being Quirkless since they were children, had suddenly developed a Quirk. He was also jealous of how close Midoriya was to both of their childhood hero, the Number One Pro Hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might.

However, when Bakugo found out what was going on and that All Might had passed his Quirk on to Midoriya, Bakugo surprisingly agreed to keep their secret, despite his jealousy, anger, and insecurity when considering Midoriya.

5 He Saved Deku From All For One

Bakugo and Deku Hero Costumes

Despite Bakugo's tumultuous past relationship with Midoriya, he does not want to see Midoriya hurt by the villains. When they were growing up, Bakugo relentlessly looked down on and bullied Midoriya, but he secretly felt inferior to Midoriya because Midoriya always had a heroic attitude, despite his lack of Quirk.

So, when Bakugo jumped in front of All for One's attack in Chapter 285 and saved Midoriya from a direct hit, fans finally saw just how much Bakugo has improved as a person and as a Pro Hero candidate.

4 He Had No Time For The Low Priority Actors' Refusal To Save Themselves

Bakugo learns what it means to save to win

Part of the reason Bakugo failed his Provisional Hero License Exam was because he was too focused on fighting and winning and did not pay attention to the innocents in trouble. However, he did know how to prioritize who to save. When two exam actors wailed about their superficial injuries, Bakugo told them to save themselves.

The reason Bakugo lost points, however, was because of his tone. That tone got him in trouble both during the exam and in the real world on many occasions.

3 He Saved Ochaco Uraraka On I-Island

Bakugo is not incapable of saving others. As he grows and matures, he does much more of it. In addition to saving Midoriya from All for One in Chapter 285, he also saves his classmates when he goes with the League of Villains in the forest. On top of that, he saves classmate Ochaco Uraraka when she gets in serious trouble.

During the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes film, Ochaco was faced with a drove of robots during the I-Island Incident. Bakugo was the one who jumped in to save her.

2 He Taught Kids Humility

Bakugo with kids

After failing the Provisional License Exam, Bakugo had to retake the test. During the retest, he was forced to take care of a bunch of children, something that fans would usually expect to set Bakugo's short fuse off. However, Bakugo surprised everyone.

He saw something of his old, cruel self in these kids, and he knew he had to teach them the error of their ways. So, speaking from his own experiences, he taught the kids how to be more humble and hero-like. In doing so, he not only proved himself more heroic, but he also proved how much he had grown.

1 He Never Gives Up

Bakugo is always ready for a fight

Bakugo was never one to give up, no matter the odds. Even when his win was a sure thing, he never backed down or went easy on a foe. When he was captured, he never lost face or gave in to the villains' requests. When he was placed between a rock and a hard place, he just blew them away.

Bakugo's inability to give up is what makes him so alike both Midoriya and All Might, and it is one of the main reasons he grows and has a good chance of being a Pro Hero one day.

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