My Hero Academia: 10 Funniest Moments, Ranked

During a time in media and entertainment where superhero stories are the most popular genre around, it's no wonder My Hero Academia has become a household name among anime fans. Following Izuku Midoriya, an average boy with no powers as he gets taken under the wing of Japan's greatest hero, All Might, and enrolled in a high school that trains upcoming heroes.

Despite similar concepts of superhero training academies being around in other media, none have quite captured the charm and hilarity of My Hero Academia. The show is filled with loveable characters that have the ability to make fans roll around in laughter, and while there are many funny moments that are memorable, some stand out as way funnier than the rest.

10 Kota's Groin Punch

Kota Punching Deku In The Groin

Slapstick humor may be considered low-hanging fruit when it comes to comedy, but physical comedy is one of the oldest forms of the genre. There is something universally understood about a good, old-fashioned groin punch.

Deku has been known as one of the most innocent characters in the show, so to see him greet the new, little kid in school was in-line with what fans loved about him. Unfortunately, Deku wasn't aware that this new kid, Kyota, wasn't a fan of heroes and expressed his unappreciation with his fist.

9 Tenya Lida Embodying A Villain

Tenya Trying To Be A Villain

Tenya Lida is one of the funniest characters in My Hero Academia purely because of his absurdly strict dedication to his craft and how seriously he takes every task he is given. His devotion is so severe that it crosses the line into ridiculous, and this is never more true than during a training exercise where he acts as a villain to become a better hero.

Watching such a straightforward and meticulous hero try and manifest the personality of a villain is comedy gold, purely for its bizarre juxtaposition.

8 Jiro Poking Mineta's Eye

Mineta Putting His Eye Up Against A Peep Hole

An outdated trope of comic-relief characters is the idea that in order to be funny they need to act like perverts, or have an exaggerated affection for the opposite sex. Clear examples of this are Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball series, and Brock from Pokémon towards every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.

My Hero Academia's version of this character archetype was Minoru Mineta, and fans were delighted to see his just deserts when he was poked in the eye while trying to peek into the girl's locker room.

7 Bakugo Choosing His Hero Name

Bakuga Holding A Piece Of Paper Up In Front Of The Class

There is arguably no moment more defining for a superhero than choosing the right name. It is going to stick with them for their entire future and basically become their entire identity.

A lot of careful consideration needs to go into such an important decision, and when Class 1-A took time out of their learning to choose their names, it was a wacky time. The funniest of them all though had to be Bakugo's choices like "King Explosion Murderer" and "Baron of Explodo-kills."

6 Breaking The Fourth Wall

Kiteshi Laughing at a Side Character

When done well, breaking the fourth wall can help make an entire franchise succeed, as demonstrated by the accomplishments of Deadpool. Having anime characters become self-aware for a short moment can be either hilarious or entirely cringe.

Fortunately, My Hero Academia does it rather well, like in the very first episode where All Might says "see you on the other side of the screen" and the angle changes to show him on the other side of the screen, or when Katsuki calls people a "side character," or any of the multiple times a character looks directly into the camera, The Office style.

5 Monoma's Mocking

Momoma smiling holding a finger to his head

Neito Monoma was an arrogant Class 1-B student who harbored an intense animosity towards everyone in Class 1-A, so was constantly attempting to look for ways to upstage and undermine them. He had to constantly be kept under control by his class president, Itsuka Kendo, when his antics got out of hand.

He had the potential to be a formidable rival in the story but ultimately ended up becoming more of a running gag akin to Team Rocket in Pokémon. One such time is when he tried to shame Class 1-A for having five kids fail their exam at his own expense since he was the only Class 1-B failure.

4 Ferocious Teeth Brushing

Bakugo Brushing His Teeth

It's a pretty standard superhero trope that the pyrokinetic is also a hothead with a short fuse, and this is shown perfectly with Katsuki Bakugo. He was originally the childhood friend of the protagonist but turns into his arch-rival during training in the academy.

Thanks to his strong Quirk and natural talent, he started out as an egotistical bully. But over the course of the story, he grew into a caring individual. This doesn't mean his temper has relaxed, however, and he can be aggressive in everyday things like brushing his teeth with fervor.

3 Todoroki Blames Himself

Enji Minoma staring at a Fist

Enji Todoroki is another hothead pyrokinetic whose sole obsession is to try and surpass All Might as the greatest superhero in Japan. His compulsion was so intense that it strained his relationships with his wife and children since he was projecting his dream onto his sons.

After All Might's forced retirement, Enji achieves his dream. He realizes the errors of his ways and begins to make amends, the funniest bit is when he blames himself for always injuring peoples' hands, saying he has a "hand crusher like curse".

2 Midoriya's Disguise

Deku In Disguise

It's always funny when someone has to pretend to play somebody they're not and fails at it miserably. Izuku Midoriya and the gang have to try and rescue Bakugo from the League of Villains, and in order to do so they have to undergo a makeover to blend in among the crowd.

The makeovers are all hilarious, but the funniest one had to be Deku, as he is usually a soft and shy character but has to act like a tough bad-boy. He struggled to achieve this and had to actively be taught how to speak and act.

1 Deku's All Might Impression

Deku Doing An Impression Of All Might

While disguises and acting edgy might not be Deku's forte, his impressions are certainly spot on. In fact, they're so well done it's almost as if his true Quirk was shapeshifting. Deku has contorted his face into a multitude of hilarious forms, but his most iconic would have to be his impression of All Might.

When asked by All Might if he remembers when he was gifted the Quirk, Deku does his best impression of the superhero. What made this scene even funnier was the fact that it was supposed to be a serious and deep conversation between mentor and student.

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