Mushoku Tensei Part 2 Gets Release Date, Teaser Image

The popular isekai series Mushoku Tensei will return on Oct. 3.

The release date for Part 2 of the anime series was revealed on Twitter by the official Mushoku Tensei account, along with a new preview image that showcases all of the show's returning characters. The first part of the series aired in early 2021, and the second part of the series was original scheduled to debut in July before being delayed due to unspecified reasons. The original part's cast and crew will reprise their roles for the second part of the series, including director Manabu Okamoto, who previously worked on series such as Carole and Tuesday and RE:Zero. Studio Bind, a relatively new anime studio that was spun off of studio White Fox (RE:Zero, Steins;Gate) will once again return to handle animation production.

Mushoku Tensei tells the story of a middle-aged loser who is reincarnated into a fantasy world after he dies saving somebody's else's life. Reborn with his memories of his previous life intact, the newly named Rudeus attempts to avoid the mistakes of his past life and uses this second chance to become a hero in this new world. The series tells the story of Rudeus' entire new life, from his early childhood, to his first steps as a budding magician, and eventually builds up to his conflict with a god.

The series began as a novel by author Rifujin na Magonote, which was later adapted into a manga and an anime series. The series has received a mixed reception from critics: some have decried the series' formulaic premise and Rudeus' initial misogynistic behavior, while others have argued that the series represents one of the better executed takes on the isekai genre and that a key part of Rudeus' character arc involves him growing up and denouncing his initially more repulsive attitudes. Regardless of the reception, the series has become one of the more popular franchises in Japan, with the light novels making frequent appearances on Japan's Oricon sales charts.

The first part of the Mushoku Tensei anime series is currently available for streaming on Hulu and Funimation. The light novel series is localized in English and distributed internationally by Yen Press.

Source: Twitter

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