Museum of Modern Electronic Music Opening In April 2022

A first-of-its-kind museum dedicated to all things electronic music is opening in Frankfurt in 2022.

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) is being touted as the first of its kind to explore the history of dance music. It will feature seven sections comprising performance areas and installations, each of which explore the impact of electronic music on art, fashion, and technology. The museum will also examine the influences of a myriad of sub-genres, such as ambient, drum & bass, house, techno music.

Plans for the museum were revealed back in 2015, when its proprietors announced "the first electronic music museum" before launching a pop-up trial run.

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In addition to the museum's physical space, its organizers are launching a dedicated academy consisting of lectures and workshops featuring well-known DJs. According to the MOMEM website, the program will also offer panels, movie nights, concerts, and special club nights.

"MOMEM will be a place to explore, conserve and relive the historical dimensions and influences of Electronic Music," reads the museum's website. "A journey from the beginning to the future. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from museum into stage into bar into academy. A reactive environment in the heart of Frankfurt."

You can find more information and donate here.