Morning Rave As A New Way To Start Your Monday

Monday mornings at dawn are my favorite time of the week. They never used to be.

It’s “deadline day” for the Hauraki Coromandel Post, and tempting to silence the alarm clock with a thump of the fist and to venture no further than the warm duvet.

People usually turn around attitude to Mondays cause of work. But does it have to be like this with a proper warming up for the weekend?

For readers not up to speed, a rave, according to one definition, is a large dance party featuring either DJs or live performers playing dance music.

We haven’t quite achieved the “large party” yet.

But we have a small group who arrive each Monday bleary-eyed (and sober), and the music is turned up on the speaker for our one-hour dance party until the sun has well and truly risen.

This Monday we followed it up by joining the polar swimmers at the ocean beach, a group that meets every morning in their togs, and they dip, laugh and chat in the wintry Pacific Ocean.

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