Moriarty the Patriot: What to Remember Before Season 1’s Second Part

Moriarty the Patriot isn't your typical detective mystery, giving the criminal genius known as William Moriarty a more social justice warrior edge. Along with a close-knit crew, Moriarty decides that Victorian-era London needs to be purged of its elites, eliminating the class structure so that the city, and the country by extension, can blossom as a place of equality once more.

Now has his archnemesis, Sherlock Holmes, is ready to hunt him down, let's dissect the first cour of Season 1 to see what the second half could bring.

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This entire mission has been driven by William, who, as a kid helped people create anarchy. He and his sickly brother Louis were taken in by Albert and the Moriarty family -- only for the story to take a macabre turn, with Albert bought on-board with their vision of destruction. After killing the arrogant family, the trio embraced a life of chaos. In the passing years, William, now a university maths professor, is secretly setting up murders to balance society again, which has always been his dream.

Using his connections and wealth, he plans on getting rid of society's criminal elite, embracing the belief that if you want to burn the old world down and create a new one, there has to be collateral damage.


Yuukoku No Moriarty

William has Albert, who works for the Queen to help make influential decisions in their favor. Louis acts as his butler, but can also double as an assassin if needs be. The assassin and sniper Moran is also on Moriarty's team, as well as a master of disguise in Fred. Together, they believe in William and will stop at nothing to carry out his plans.

Over the course of Season 1, the gang has taken out human traffickers, child murderers, sinister lords and viscounts, and avenged the murders of underprivileged women such as Frida the barmaid. However, their most daring maneuver was on-board the Titanic-like boat, The Noahtic, where they set up a theatrical framing of Count Enders to show the elites and commoners alike that the rich were getting out of hand with their perverse mentality.


Little did Molarity know that Sherlock Holmes was on that very same ship, and began scouring for clues as he suspected William of treachery. Team Moriarty decided to test Sherlock later on and frame him for the murder of a nobleman, but he managed to find a way out and catch the real killer. With Watson on his side, they're waging a full-on cerebral war against William's crew.

Sherlock does respect him, though, as it wasn't easy getting off the murder charge, but the new episodes won't just be a cat-and-mouse game for bragging rights. It could evolve into physical altercations. William's people know Sherlock is getting closer to exposing them -- especially as one of William's killers, the terminally-ill Jefferson, is in custody.

Trailers have shown Sherlock and Watson being more aggressive than ever, which may be exacerbated by other classic characters, such as Irene Adler, coming into the fray, dragging both parties into a conspiracy with the crown. This could lead to more reluctant team-ups, especially as Sherlock's brother Mycroft will be soliciting his help on behalf of Her Majesty.

Sherlock knows London's in a mess but ultimately, he doesn't want to clean it up by spilling more blood. Moriarty the Patriot's second half will be all about conflicting philosophies on how to save the country -- not just with William but with the government, too.

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