Morbius Opens the Door for a Villain Worse Than Green Goblin

The following contains major spoilers for Morbius, in theaters now.

In Morbius, Jared Leto's Michael Morbius quickly realized saving himself came at a price. While he became superhuman as the Living Vampire, he posed a threat to humanity, ergo why he eventually fought and killed his buddy, Milo. No matter what, their very existence went against Morbius' ethical code, so he had to set things right.

Admittedly, it was quite heartbreaking and sympathetic because mankind mistreated the sick Milo since he was a child. Still, Milo's fate may have been best for the planet, but, unfortunately, it opened the door for a villain worse than Green Goblin to enter the fray.

Milo and Morbius unleashed their vamp forms in the finale beneath the New York sewers. The fight concluded with Morbius stabbing Milo to death with a toxin before flying off with his vampire-bat army. However, he left Milo's body behind, not realizing what he did.

This is a massive problem because the corpse could be weaponized. While Morbius poisoned Milo, turning him back into a human before dying, Milo's blood may have the vampire formula inside, with secrets to flight, regeneration and agility. These can be refined to make a super-soldier, evolving the genetic code in ways Morbius only dreamed of with his DNA experiments.

Seeing as Sony and Marvel have done the Green Goblin to death, Milo's body can pivot toward the Hobgoblin. Created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr. in the '80s, Roderick Kingsley stole and appropriated Norman Osborn's research to become the Hobgoblin. Thus, if Milo's studied by Oscorp in this reality, Kingsley can steal the serum to become powered up.


Now, what made Hobgoblin so dangerous in the comics and cartoons was -- while Norman could blame his fractured psyche for his bloodlust -- Roderick just enjoyed killing and crime for the fun of it. Should he steal Norman's weapons, too, fans would get the calculated, stable Goblin without any of the insanity to boot, thus transforming him into a most dangerous opponent for this Earth's Spider-Man.

The serum could even be stolen by other Hobgoblin candidates, such as Lefty Donovan, Roderick's brother Daniel, or even Jason Macendale. It can even be used by this world's Ned Leeds, who wouldn't be a mage like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The point is, once perfected, this serum has the potential to produce the most dangerous person alive and create that unstoppable figure Hobgoblin has tried to be in the source material. He wasn't quite able to pull it off there, but in this case, Morbius' cure feels like that elixir that'll truly kick the character up a notch. And, ultimately, it'll allow Sony to bring a new villain to the big screen, refreshing its Spidey stories for a new generation.

To see how Hobgoblin has been set up, Morbius is now in theaters.

Jared Leto in Morbius
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