Moon Knight Finally Reveals Why the Egyptian Gods Banished Khonshu

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3, "The Friendly Type," now streaming on Disney+.

Moon Knight has exploited the idea that Khonshu is a lone wolf among his pack of Egyptian gods, and Episode 3, "The Friendly Type," finally reveals why that's so. In a meeting with the other gods, it's revealed the Khonshu might be the most humane out of all of them, which led to him being banished.

Since the premiere episode of Moon Knight, Khonshu has divided fans and characters alike who don't know where to stand with the Egyptian moon god. No one knows if he's a friend or foe, and in Episode 2, he was leaning more towards the "foe" side by threatening Marc to continue his mission or else Layla would be his next avatar. Now, however, there's a more complicated aspect of Khonshu. Throughout his rough-and-tough provoking exterior, there may actually be a heart?

Khonshu from Disney Plus's Moon Knight.

Episode 3, "The Friendly Type," starts off pretty rocky between Marc and Steven. Now in control of the body, Marc is reaching dead end after dead end trying to find Ammit's tomb, which the phlegmatic cult leader Arthur Harrow has already begun digging at. To make matters worse, Steven is stepping into Marc's interrogations that prevent the two from getting any answers and halting the investigation. Khonshu has had enough of playing watchful father over his two bickering sons, and even Marc suggests that he call upon the other gods to help stop Arthur.

Talking to the other gods is a touchy subject for Khonshu, as if they're old high school friends who fell out after petty drama and haven't spoken in years. But Khonshu recognizes Marc's validity in his suggestion, and asks for a meeting with the Council of Gods -- the Ennead -- to intervene in Arthur's expedition. At the meeting, the god Osiris, speaking through his avatar, warns Khonshu that if he manipulates the sky again, he'll be imprisoned in stone. Khonshu's advocacy to stop Arthur isn't enough to persuade them. The gods have lost all their trust in Khonshu, whose flashy costumes and weapons almost exposed the gods to humans.

moon knight egyptian gods

Osiris' accusations aren't exactly wrong. Even Marc has stated that Khonshu is a little over the top, and Moon Knight has made plenty of appearances throughout the streets of London, joined by his new company Mr. Knight. But the real issue between Khonshu and the gods lies with their refusal to meddle in the wars of humanity, which Khonshu disagreed with. The gods were disappointed in humans abandoning their belief in them, and in petty fashion, deserted humans and all of their quarrels. Defiantly, the moon god took it upon himself to enact justice upon those who deserve it, and the gods banished him to live out his vigilante dreams by himself.

The gods may have thrown Khonshu to the wind, but his banishment did cause bigger issues for the council. Even knowing he would be literally cast in stone, Khonshu manipulates the sky again to find the coordinates to Ammit's tomb. Without Khonshu, the Ennead has possibly left humans exposed to the judgement of Ammit, and the magnetic Arthur has the Ennead wrapped around his finger, convincing them that Khonshu was manipulating an unwell man.

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