Mob Psycho 100: Shigeo’s True Power Is Bringing Out the Best in People

Mob Psycho 100 offers an incredible world of characters combined with mind-bending action sequences. The series invites viewers into a supernatural world where "espers" -- people with paranormal psychic abilities -- live normal lives among the non-gifted.

Something that makes the series truly special, however, is that whilst it's clear to say that middle-schooler Shigeo Kageyama, or "Mob," is an immensely powerful esper, his true hidden ability seems to be bringing out the best in those around him -- including many of the bad guys.

Early on in the series, Shigeo accidentally ends up at a gathering for a cult called "LOL," whose hex-possessed members have fallen under the control of their leader, Dimple. Despite many attempts to make Shigeo fall under his control -- revealing his true evil spirit form -- Dimple still fails miserably. Using a single touch to the forehead, Shigeo exorcises Dimple into thin air. Somehow, Dimple survives as a small green ghost and goes to Shigeo's house where he begs for mercy, promising to be good. He claims Shigeo as his master as he awaits an opportunity to possess him.

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As the story progresses, Dimple grows fond of the young esper. During the Keiji Mogami Arc in Season 2, Shigeo asks Dimple to possess his body while he's gone fighting Mogami's spirit. Shocked and pleased at his chance to finally possess Shigeo, Dimple chooses to protect his master's body instead.

When Shigeo is set up for a confrontation with Black Vinegar Middle School's Shadow Leader and esper, Teruki Hanazawa -- nicknamed Teru -- the ego-boosted blonde gets a lesson in humbleness by Shigeo, who tells him not to use his psychic powers to hurt others. Teru attacks and chokes Shigeo unconscious, unleashing his full powers. Stripped naked in the debris of his middle school, Teru cries for mercy, coming to the realization that he's not only ordinary but that it's also wrong to use your powers to cause harm.

Days later, Teru has a run-in with an esper picking fights, whom he doesn't know is Shigeo's little brother Ritsu. Teru gives Ritsu the same speech he got from Shigeo. Later, he sees Ritsu beating up middle school gang members who mistake him for Shigeo and, alerted, he hurries to inform Shigeo about apparent identity theft.

Arriving at the scene, Ritsu appears aggressive towards Shigeo, who is only proud and happy about his brother's new abilities. Then, following an explosive fight with Claw's Megumu Koyama, Ritsu is mistakingly kidnapped, leading Teru to take care of Shigeo, and the two to plot a rescue mission.

Though he's kept it hidden, Ritsu Kageyama has envied his big brother for his psychic abilities since childhood. Over time, it led to him suppressing his anger and hatred, causing Ritsu to take unjust action by framing Onigawara for stealing his female classmates' flutes. Ritsu joins the Awakening Lab and eventually discovers his own powers before he teams up with Dimple.

Ritsu's rage and envy towards his brother set him up for a classic villain's origin arc but the cliché is stopped by Shigeo's love and admiration for his little brother. Following the rescue mission at the Claw hideout, Ritsu apologizes to Onigawara and learns to follow his brother's good example.

Still, there is no one Shigeo looks up to more than his mentor, Reigen Arataka. The self-proclaimed master esper without any actual psychic abilities has been Shigeo's greatest role model since their first interaction. Shigeo never questions his master's intentions or methods -- until Reigen pushes Shigeo around one time too many.

During the Separate Ways Arc, Reigen feels the void left behind by Shigeo's absence. Reigen is further cornered into failure when he is invited to showcase his psychic abilities live on television. The entire ordeal is a set-up by esper, Kirin Jodo, who uses the opportunity to crush Reigen's reputation. At a live conference following the fiasco, Reigen apologizes to Shigeo, admitting that the young boy is growing up. Shigeo happens to be watching and helps his master cause a scene that earns back Reigen's credibility as a powerful esper.

Shigeo's positive effect on people throughout the series has proven a superpower in itself. Whether he turns an evil spirit into a follower, a rival into an ally, or helps his brother find peace through love and support, Shigeo's good heart proves infectiousEven the Body Improvement Club admire and celebrate their small-built recruit.

Throughout the anime, Shigeo Kageyama is the catalyst in spreading genuine growth and redemption amongst both friends and enemies. In fact, it could be argued that Mob Psycho 100's heartwarming message even makes its viewers subconsciously affected by the power of an act of goodness.