Miss Nagatoro!: Naoto & Nagatoro FINALLY Get Their Beach Episode

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

This school semester has been an exciting (and exhausting) one for second-year student Naoto Hachioji. He just wanted to sketch his amateur manga in peace, but then Hayase Nagatoro came along, pitting her playful persistence against Naoto's stubborn patience every day after class. Now, the semester is almost over, and Hayase is ready for some fun in the sun.

At first, Naoto thought Hayase was his worst enemy, but she is a sadodere who expresses affection through teasing and banter. She is starting to become Naoto's friend, and what do friends do? They have a classic beach episode together, of course -- and the whole gang's invited.

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Naoto Hachioji, The Ultimate Sea Louse

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Naoto didn't have any special summer plans in mind at first, content with watching TV and eating iced treats at home. But Hayase is in the mood for an adventure, and in Episode 6, she rings up Naoto, urging him to join the squad at the local beach while they still have the chance. Naoto is already bracing himself for more teasing and antics as he reluctantly joins the team.

After Naoto joins up with Hayase and her friends Gamo and Yoshi, they compare him to a lonely sea louse, unable to hang out with the other sea lice. Naoto rolls his eyes but puts up with it, and then the friends arrive at the beach. It's an idyllic summer scene, but Naoto isn't feeling festive just yet. Instead, being his cautious and reclusive self, he sets up shop under an umbrella and gets out his sketchbook.

Hayase and her friends won't stand for that. Gamo and Yoshi tease Naoto more than a little while Hayase jealously watches from the sidelines. Soon enough, the three girls are in the water and having the time of their lives, but Hayase can hardly believe that Naoto is still on that shaded beach blanket, just sketching while everyone else is having fun. It's time for senpai to get his hands dirty at the beach.

Hayase Nagatoro: Friend Or Foe?

naoto and nagatoro beach

Hayase stalks right over to Naoto and urges him to get into the water. Still, Naoto is reluctant, especially since he's afraid of getting a sunburn (and he's not much of a swimmer anyway). Hayase takes charge of the situation and yanks off Naoto's clothes until he's down to his swim trunks.

Hayase's ready to lather Naoto up, but he points out that such a scene is usually reserved for couples, and they are most certainly not dating. Hayase, who might have been a bit hurt by that comment (even though it's true), throws Naoto down and decides to get rough. She squirts more than enough sun lotion onto his back and starts spreading it around with her foot, grinding Naoto right into the sand.

That's when Gamo and Yoshi show up to join the fun, but Hayase meant for this to be a private party. Once again, her jealous side flares up; after all, she sees herself and Naoto as a team of sorts, despite Hayase's teasing and her current domineering attitude. All the same, Naoto is finally lotioned up sufficiently, and he starts to enjoy himself on the beach, at last, swimming with the girls and playing typical beach games and even having a nice bowl of ramen for lunch with everyone.

Things started roughly, but by the day's end, Naoto realized that Hayase Nagatoro was right: the beach is fun, and what a shame it would be to miss all that. Later that evening, Naoto admires his latest sketch, which perfectly captured Hayase Nagatoro's joy at the beach. After all, it's Naoto's artistic side that drew Hayase to him in the first place, so why not pay tribute to her with a classic beach scene?

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