Miss Nagatoro!: Naoto & Hayase Actually Make a GREAT Team

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

By now in Miss Nagatoro!, Hayase Nagatoro has firmly established herself as Naoto Hachioji's best frenemy, acting as both his biggest bully and his staunchest defender in their bizarre relationship. Hayase was first drawn by Naoto's artistic side, and now she's visiting the art room every day to see what he's up to. In Episode 5, Hayase thinks Naoto's hair is getting a bit long.

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In fact, she's convinced Naoto is a shaggy sheep in desperate need of shearing, though he usually just gets a modest trim at the local barbershop. Hayase is known for her incredible persistence in the face of Naoto's firm defenses, but will she get a chance to become his new barber?

Who Will Cut Naoto Hachioji's Hair?

It turns out Hayase came prepared. Borrowing an electric hair clipper from her big brother and bringing it to school, she's determined to shear off Naoto's excess "wool." Naoto doesn't like the idea of short hair and starts panicking, so Hayase backs off a bit and offers a modest trim with scissors and a comb. That's a better deal in Naoto's eyes, but then a phone call from Gamo and Yoshi draws Hayase away for a moment. It's a trap -- Hayase is lured into an empty room while Gamo and Yoshi corner Naoto in the art room.

Gamo and Yoshi have already teased Naoto a few times -- such as with their bean bun prank -- and now they're determined to give him a proper shearing. Just as they're about to shave it all off, Hayase bursts back into the room and chases off her two friends, leaving Naoto in peace. As promised, Hayase trims Naoto's hair neatly, demonstrating that underneath it all, she really is determined to be his friend -- with some pranks and teasing piled on top. Naoto is happy with his haircut, and Hayase just might become his exclusive barber at this rate. How far they've come already.

When Hayase Nagatoro Can't Beat The Heat

hayase nagatoro with a water bottle

After school, Hayase insists on visiting a local shaved ice shop that supposedly sells the best frozen treats ever. One problem: that little shop has a huge line today, and Hayase is suffering the intense summer heat while waiting for the line to move. Naoto is doing a little better but can't stand to see Hayase uncomfortable like this, even if she's determined to tough it out. He escorts Hayase to a shaded bench and gets cold bottled water for them both, and Hayase relents. She gets convenience store ice cream when Naoto suggests it, and they both feel much better.

Along the way home, Hayase teases Naoto a bit more by chugging half his bottled tea, then shares contact info with him on her smartphone. In fact, she'll send an obnoxious "you're a pervert!" sticker every time Naoto is thinking something dirty, a fine way to toy with him remotely.

Naoto can hardly believe it, but all the same, it's becoming clear that he and Hayase really do have each other's backs -- especially if Yoshi and Gamo take things too far or if Hayase is in trouble. Despite all the teasing, Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!'s co-protagonists are becoming quite the dynamic duo.

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