Miraculous Ladybug: Every Miraculous Power, Ranked

Following the spectacular adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir as they routinely save Paris from the dreaded Hawk Moth, the world of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is ever-expanding as their goal to protect the city becomes more difficult with every season. Though the powers of the titular characters come from a Miraculous, a special object that grants the holder with unique magical abilities, sometimes even heroes need help.

Throughout the series, Ladybug has recruited many others to join their fight against evil by issuing them one of the many Miraculous superpowers. With 14 of them making an appearance in the show, let's take a look to determine which ones are more useful, especially in combat situations which the characters often find themselves in.

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14. Monkey Miraculous

The Monkey's special power is "Uproar, " which provides the holder with a toy they can throw to weaken their opponent's powers for a short amount of time. There are many factors that can hinder the performance of this ability such as missing the target. Plus, even if their opponent is weakened, that doesn't guarantee a win or an absolute advantage.

While this Miraculous grants the holder with enhanced speed, strength and agility, all the Miraculous can do that to an extent, so this highlighted aspect of the Monkey is not very impressive. Though it does come with a staff as a weapon, this Miraculous doesn't fare well against the others.

13. Mouse Miraculous

This Miraculous has "Multitude" which allows the holder to shrink and multiply their smaller self into an unknown number of clones. It also comes with a jump rope as a weapon, and although not much is known about its capabilities, the show has implied that it can be used to capture and restrain opponents similar to Ladybug's yo-yo.

The first time we see this Miraculous, Marinette unifies multiple Miraculouses with the Mouse to combine their powers and achieve her goal. So by itself, the Mouse Miraculous may not be very strong but does amplify the abilities of others.

12. Snake Miraculous

The ability "Second Chance" enables its Miraculous owner to reverse time back to a marked moment. The holder's memories remain intact, allowing them to fix or undo any issues or mistakes in this new timeline. While this is a valuable power, it is not very effective in a combat situation and is best used with allies.

In Season 3, Episode 18 "Desperada," Adrien reverses time 25,913 times over the course of many months but still fails to save Ladybug. All the while, the time he spent with the Snake's power takes a mental toll on Adrien after so many unsuccessful attempts. In this instance, he was by himself, but every time Second Chance has been effective is in the midst of a battle with other teammates to assist in conjunction with the holder's knowledge of previous failed attempts.

11. Horse Miraculous

The unique power to the Horse Miraculous is "Voyage." This ability allows the holder to open portals that can be traveled through, exiting at a different location -- essentially traveling through space. However, the holder needs to focus on the exit point, or else anyone passing through the portal will end up in a wrong and possibly dangerous location.

This is a very effective power when assisting others, like moving civilians out of the line of fire and transporting allies to give them a better opening on their opponent.

10. Fox Miraculous

This Miraculous gives its holder a flute which enables them to use "Mirage," an ability that casts incredibly realistic illusions of anything the holder can think of. While this is an excellent tool for luring in opponents and creating a distraction, this Miraculous doesn't grant the owner any special combat abilities. The holder also has five minutes from using Mirage before they de-transform.

Like the Horse Miraculous, this ability requires intense concentration, or the illusions won't be what the caster expects them to be. While the illusions are a great distraction and can be large in scale, they aren't tangible and shatter when touched.

9. Dragon Miraculous

The wielder of the Dragon Miraculous has an unnamed power that allows them to transform into one of three elements of a storm. The Wind Dragon easily enables the holder to evade attacks by changing into a cloud while the Water Dragon turns the holder into water. The final form is presumably a Lightning Dragon, but these powers have yet to be seen.

Though helpful, the holder cannot weaponize these elements, only using wind and water in their natural form in a battle situation. For that, this Miraculous doesn't place higher on the list. However, when paired with outside forces like Ryuko's sword, which increased her offensive abilities, it can be effective. That's not exclusive to the Dragon Miraculous, but instead Ryuko's own hobby and skillset.

8. Eagle Miraculous

"Liberation" is a superpower that grants the holder the ability to free individuals from any mental or emotional constraints to change their actions -- including a person's ethics, fears, traumas, prejudice, etc. While this power can be very liberating, it's dangerous in the wrong hands and can take away a person's ideals and way of thinking.

Additionally, while the holder can use Liberation on multiple people at a time, they cannot control the actions of said people after freeing them from a mental or emotional constrain, which can cause chaos.

7. Cat Miraculous

Chat Noir smirking

The Cat Miraculous is a destructive type of power granting the holder with "Cataclysm," which can break or corrode solid objects while causing malfunctions to technological equipment -- though the ability can't be used if the holder's hands are restrained. In addition to its unique superpower, the Cat Miraculous also grants heightened senses, like night vision.

A potential downside is that once Cataclysm is activated, it cannot be turned off, giving the holder five minutes before they revert to their regular self. It can be tricky for a hero to use this destructive power without accidentally killing or severely injuring another person, as seen in Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez. For this reason, the Cat Miraculous works best with the Ladybug -- its complete opposite in creation.

6. Turtle Miraculous

The Turtle Miraculous is a solid defensive power, allowing the holder to activate "Shell-ter." This ability materializes a glowing green barrier that has proven indestructible against anything in the real world -- able to withstand the collapse of massive structures without cracking. Only the power of another Miraculous like Cataclysm has made an impact on Shell-ter. However, the holder reverts to their regular self after five minutes of activation.

It also gives the holder a shield as a weapon, which can be used offensively and defensively, similar to Captain America. The Turtle Miraculous is a vital asset in terms of defensive power, easily capable of protecting the holder and others nearby.

5. Bee Miraculous

A holder of the Bee Miraculous can use "Venom," a power that turns the holder's hand into a bee stinger that can completely immobilize a target. While there is the chance that Venom may not hit, they can keep trying, and when it does hit, it practically guarantees a win since the target will be unable to move, which is incredibly useful in combat. Like some others, the holder has five minutes after its use before they de-transform.

Similar to Ladybug's yo-yo, the Bee Miraculous gains a spinning top as a weapon. The top can be used for attack, travel and as a makeshift shield. However, unlike Ladybug's yo-yo, it can be split in two and be used as a communicator among allies.

4. Rabbit Miraculous

The superpower "Burrow" creates a portal leading to a pocket dimension. Here, anyone present is shown events from the past, present and future. With this, the holder can foresee infinite futures and travel between space and time to change events in accordance with their goal. While not necessarily valuable for combat, this is an incredibly powerful ability that allows the holder to easily create alternate realities.

Unlike the Snake Miraculous, where the holder must make multiple attempts to achieve their desired outcome, the Rabbit can observe many alternate futures before acting. However, it is still up to them to see those actions through. They can also jump forward or back in time, rewriting reality as they see fit.

3. Ladybug Miraculous

The "Lucky Charm" power can disarm, restrain or weaken an opponent by offering the user a tool, which is often a random everyday object. It is up to the holder to decipher what to do next. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Ladybug Miraculous that shows Marinette how to use the Lucky Charm, but her own quick thinking and intellect that gets the job done. For that reason, others might not be able to use this Miraculous at its full potential.

In addition to its Lucky Charm, this Miraculous can also wholly reverse any damage caused by magic, including massive collateral damage, and purify an Akuma butterfly. The holder is also given two yo-yos as weapons that have various purposes for offensive and defensive maneuvers.

2. Peacock Miraculous

The Peacock Miraculous enables "Amokization," a power that spawns a creature born from a person's emotions known as a Sentimonster -- which can then carry out specific tasks. Additionally, this Miraculous comes with other abilities that be used in conjunction with the Sentimonster. The first, Telepathy, allows the holder to communicate with them, while Empathy will enable them to feel the monster's emotions, and finally, Bodily Control can control the beast at will.

With this Miraculous, it's easier for the holder to remain safe as they can complete their goals without leaving their location as the Sentimonster takes on the bulk of the task. The holder can also revert the Sentimonster into nothing with the snap of a finger.

1. Butterfly Miraculous

The Butterfly Miraculous gains an ability called "akumatization," allowing the holder to Akumatize the object of a person who feels intense negative emotions. They are then given strength and power and are tempted to work under the holder. Like the Peacock Miraculous, the Butterfly also enables Telepathy, Empathy and Bodily Control for heightened control and an ability to communicate with the akumatized individual.

There are many attributes unique to only the Butterfly Miraculous that make it so powerful compared to the others. For example, even if the holder is defeated, the akumatized victims keep their powers until they are also defeated. Nothing stops other Miraculous holders from being akumatized, making them just as vulnerable as the average citizen. These individuals also stay akumatized even when the holder de-transforms. The only Miraculous that can completely negate anything the Butterfly does is the Ladybug.

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