Min The Universe Gives Us Existential Experience with Latest Progressive Record, ‘Cassini’

Hey there dance Music Fans! We hope you had a fantastic weekend. We're always here to kickstart your Mondays with some new music from the best up and coming artists in the world right now.

Today, we are bringing you Min the Universe, with his special, newest release, titled Cassini. If you remember, Min the Universe was recently our Artist of the Week and given that spotlight and celestial energy he brings to the scene, we wanted to share his latest creation.

Cassini, is a record that really provides perspective on the universe and is perfect for those who want to go through a dance music experience, rather than just a listening session. Cassini includes celestial style sound designs, large and widened atmospheres, spoken word verses that allow us to calmly question our existence, and rhythmic drops, and progressive overtones.

The highlight of this record, outside of it providing a listener with a wonderful, meditative experience,  is the overall production quality Min the Universe brings to the table. Splicing and melding together a progressive record while delivering powerful messaging is never an easy task in the music industry – but Min the Universe provides it perfectly.

We strongly encourage you to give this track a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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