Millionaire Detective: Haru & Daisuke Finally Overcome BIG, Personal Obstacles

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited, "Life shouldn't be printed on dollar bills" now streaming on Funimation.

What initially looked like a mismatched pair of characters with very different views on justice has now turned into a partnership where the two -- one a righteous police officer and the other a humorless millionaire -- help each other come to terms with their personal traumas. This is one of the few episodes where both Haru and Daisuke's characters shine equally, despite this week's show being much more action-focused with the two going after Shigemaru in the middle of the ocean.

This week, Daisuke spends 40 billion yen.

Haru & Daisuke: The Detective Duo, Reunited

millionaire detective ep 10 haru daisuke

The episode begins where the last left off, with Daisuke getting beaten up by Shigemaru's henchman, Frantz, while Haru watches, frozen. Daisuke spies Haru hiding and gestures at a container hanging overhead. Haru takes the hint and runs off as Daisuke launches himself at Frantz, sending the two of them careening down an empty shipping container. Daisuke leads Frantz forward, putting him in the perfect position for Haru to drop the container, giving Daisuke a chance to escape. They hide out in the kitchen while Haru patches Daisuke up. He admonishes Haru for not dropping it directly on Frantz, putting the two of them in danger. Haru mumbles that he's only a civil servant.

Daisuke insists that he has to find Shigemaru but Haru convinces him that this battle should wait another day. As they crawl through the overhead spaces, Haru comments on Daisuke's elevator shoes, the ones that make him look taller, immediately earning Haru a kick in the face. Meanwhile, Suzue is back at Kambe headquarters trying to figure out why the ASV isn't working. She sends reinforcements to their location by way of drones, all of which are immediately shot down. Unbeknownst to their assailants, hidden in the drones is a smaller device that flies off in search of Daisuke.

Daisuke's Search for Adollium

millionaire detective ep 10 suzue adollium

Thanks to the gadgets that Suzue sent, Daisuke gets his earring and his connection with Suzue back, just in time to hear her warnings about an ambush. Daisuke pushes Haru out of the way and the two are forced to run back through the ship. Suzue tells them that adollium is what's running the ship and interfering with his ASV -- but it's all the way in the engine room. If they get caught, there would be no way to escape. Despite this, Daisuke is still determined to go and Haru agrees to help.

With Haru distracting Frantz, Daisuke makes his way to the engine room. There, he learns more about what adollium is: Suzue says it can act as a perpetual motion machine and provide unlimited energy but, as Daisuke points out, it can also potentially destroy the world. The only way for him to regain control of his ASV is to stop the cooling unit. Before he can do that, Frantz tracks him down and flings him around like a rag doll. Haru returns in the nick of time to save him, surprising Frantz enough that Daisuke is able to grab hold of Frantz's blaster arm, injuring his leg in the process. Daisuke yells at Haru to shoot at the red pipe. Shoot it, and Daisuke can get the upper hand.

Haru & Daisuke Finally Become Heroes

millionaire detective ep 10 handcuff

Haru raises his gun but his arms shake, his mind going back to when he killed someone on the job. But Daisuke breaks him out of it, telling Haru that his job is to make justice happen -- that's the most important thing. This steadies Haru and he shoots the pipe, allowing Daisuke to activate his ASV, causing the engine room to flood with water. With the ship sinking, Suzue urges them to get out but Daisuke insists that he must find Shigemaru. The two burst through the doors of the control room and Daisuke calmly approaches his father at last. Using Haru's handcuffs, Daisuke officially arrests him for Cho-san and Takei's deaths. Out of all the cases and questionable actions thus far, this is the first time Daisuke has ever acted like a true detective and, even more surprisingly, in a case he said was a family matter.

Shigemaru tells HEUSC to neutralize Daisuke and a surveillance camera shoots him in the back. Soon after, an explosion shatters the windows. Daisuke blocks most of the shards from him and Haru using his suit but Shigemaru isn't so lucky: there's a glass shard stuck in his side. Despite this, Shigemaru escapes on a hover bike. Haru and Daisuke leave Frantz and the rest of the ship crew with the Modern Crimes team while they go after the killer in the helicopter, with the final showdown at Daisuke's childhood villa: the place where it all started.

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