Miles Morales Just Entered the Most Terrifying Corner of the Spider-Verse

The following contains major spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #37, available now from Marvel.

Miles Morales' life has been a whirlwind of horror as of late, with the machinations of the malevolent Beyond Corporation attacking the young hero on multiple fronts. Thankfully, Miles and his allies have finally managed to overcome the worst of Beyond's creations. The young Spider-Man has also uncovered Beyond's window into the Multiverse, leading him to step through in the hopes of rescuing his lost uncle Aaron. Unfortunately, the only relatives Miles has found so far are much closer to him than he had expected, and one of them has turned his world into the most horrifying corner of the entire Spider-Verse.

After stepping into the depths of the Multiverse alongside his hulking clone Shift, Miles was almost immediately confronted by his Primary Marvel Universe counterpart, the villain known as Ultimatum. Though Miles and Shift do manage to overpower their assailant, the two only end up being thrust into yet another alternate reality. As seen in the pages of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #37 (by Saladin Ahmed, Christopher Allen, David Curiel, and VC's Cory Petit), the titular hero and Shift also get to relive their recent past while making their way from one portal to the next. This time, however, things couldn't have possibly gone worse.

miles morales spider-man 37 isn't what happened

First introduced in 2021's Miles Morales: Spider-Man #24, Selim was one of several clones of Miles who fell victim to the Assessor's twisted experiments. In the Primary Marvel Universe, Selim led his brothers Mindspinner and Shift on a violent crusade against Miles after the hero unwittingly ruined their chance to avoid a premature fate due to their nature as clones. When Shift intervened to save the life of Miles' baby sister Billie, Selim took his own life and that of Mindspinner in a blind rage. Since then, Miles and Shift have had plenty of other threats to focus on, yet the tragedy of Selim's story is still fresh in their minds. Now it looks like they're going to get a chance to see what would have happened if that battle had gone the other way, all courtesy of a world where Selim reigns supreme.

The world Miles and Shift finally arrive in is one littered with towers adorned with Selim's cold visage. Even the police in this dimension were dedicated to carrying out Selim's whims, not to mention terrified of returning to him empty-handed. Presumably, this version of Earth, or at least New York City, fell to Selim shortly after he killed Miles during their last confrontation. Although it is hard to imagine just how he would have accomplished such a feat on his own. It's certainly possible that this Selim also overpowered the Assessor and turned some of their resources into weapons of his own, but even that seems unlikely. Whatever the specifics of this world's history might be, they probably aren't as important as the myriad of ways in which Selim could be poised to destroy yet another Miles Morales' life.

miles morales spider-man 37 emperor selim

While Miles has already seen the alternate Selim take his own variant's life, he has also witnessed the villain standing triumphantly with the infant Billie in his arms. Assuming she didn't meet a similarly gruesome end as her older brother, Billie might very well be the most potent weapon in Selim's arsenal when it comes to defeating his heroic counterpart.

Whether by turning her against Miles or threatening Billie directly, there is no doubt that Selim is going to twist every knife he can to get at Miles. Should Selim discover why Miles and Shift have made their journey, he might even attempt to subject Aaron to the same fate. With any luck, the heroes will be able to find the former Prowler and escape long before Selim gets a chance to kill another Spider-Man.

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