Mike Williams & Matluck share powerful electronic ballad ‘Closing Time’

Delivering a fresh and exciting sequel to their 2017 collab, the mighty Mike Williams joins forces again with Los Angeles-based, Emmy Award-winning, Grammy-nominated artist Matluck  for the soft-hearted, uplifting pop tune “Closing Time.

By now, both count as seasoned artists, making their renewed collab the more exciting. “Closing Time” builds on the magic they had before, providing much room for Matluck’s touching vocals, and building momentum over delicate guitar chords. Although the mood sounds desperate, with Matluck singing he’s ‘at the bottom of a bottle, all out of excuses,’ a slumbering beat provides a ray of light – a mark of the excitement that’s going to follow soon.

While the song grows towards an emotional chorus, Mike Williams shows his craftsmanship with mighty swelling chords and spacious sound effects. And then, a powerful drop redeems us, unleashing grand synths, melancholic and punchy, begging for screams of excitement as the beat pumps in full force.

It’s the anthem to balance the ballad sung here, underscoring (again) how fruitful a collab between Mike Williams and Matluck can be. Such an emotional rollercoaster.