Mieruko-chan Episode 6: Miko Gets An Ominous Message From The Other Side

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Mieruko-chan, "She Sees Real Crazy Ones," now streaming on Funimation.

Mieruko-chan might focus on Miko’s misadventures with the other side, but she’s not the only character in the series with extraordinary abilities. Despite not being on par with Miko’s powers, Yulia can also see some of the ghosts that roam around her. However, it seems as though the character unaware of the supernatural phenomena occurring around her has it the worse.

Godmother noted that Hana possesses strong spiritual energy, and despite being unable to see them, she attracts a variety of ghosts. This has occurred several times throughout the series, although the incidents have mostly been isolated to the school grounds. Miko has been able to handle these situations while keeping her cool, but when a new ghost takes a liking to Hana, she’s faced with the scariest sight she’s dealt with.

The ghoul in question is massive, sporting grotesque features, and acts very aggressively toward other ghosts. Hana is a perfect conduit for spirits, so the ghost uses her to feed off the weaker ghosts around it. However, due to her inability to sense spirits, Hana is absolutely oblivious to the events going on around her.

This has always created problems for Miko, as she has to both ignore the sights around her while covertly finding ways to save Hana from these specters. But this new ghost is much too strong for Miko to handle. Her passive approach to exercising spirits can only go so far, and the massive spirit proves to be too resilient for her to combat on her own.

Realizing that she’s out of her depth, Miko takes Hana to a shrine in the hopes of getting rid of the spirit haunting her. The spirits of two shrine maidens go to work on defeating the now colossal ghoul that’s attached itself to Hana, and while they struggle, they eventually succeed with the help of another, bigger ghost.

Miko isn’t given much time to enjoy the victory, as the larger spirit approaches her and tells her “three times” before disappearing. There’s absolutely no context as to what this could mean, and while she’s relieved to have relieved Hana of her burden, Miko isn’t quite sure how to take the message.

Although it seems ominous, this statement could mean absolutely anything. The ghost might be trying to protect Miko, telling her that she can approach it for three more exorcisms. If that’s true, it would definitely help out when Hana inevitably attracts another strong ghost. On the other hand, this could be a foreboding omen of something even worse in store. Given her inexperience in dealing with the spirit world, the encounter may have huge implications going forward.

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