Michael Sparks shares his ‘Alter Ego’ in four-track EP

Michael Sparks is no stranger to his craft – with almost a decade of sweaty-crowd anthems under his belt, the Quebec native has continually evolved his sound. From frenetic big room records reminiscent of the 2010’s EDM scene to punchy bass-house hits, Sparks has mastered the art of dancefloor ruckus.

Flash forward to 2024: Sparks has delivered his latest work, Alter Ego. This four-track EP showcases his signature super-charged sound, weaving brassy horns and crunchy lasers over raucous basslines.

Kicking off with “Champion’s Tune” and “I’m Ridin’,” Sparks invites listeners into the sweaty dance floor mindset, incorporating heavier house elements to ease into the EP. Alter Ego continues with “Ex Machina,” a collaboration with Escargot (the artist alias of Snails), and rounds out with “Tune” – both head-shaking hits designed to ignite festival crowds.

Sparks has spent the summer touring across Europe and North America, playing unreleased tracks to festival-goers worldwide. Dive into Alter Ego in its entirety below.

Featured image: Max Wolf

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