MHA: Flect Turn’s Anti-Quirk Mission Puts Overhaul to Shame

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.

The latest film in the My Hero Academia franchise, MHA: World Heroes' Mission, raises the stakes in a thrilling ride of devastating evil plans and epic fights. It achieves this feat by introducing the fiercest and deadliest villain in the series to date, Flect Turn, leader of the terrorist group Humarise. Flect's mission of exterminating Quirks is a familiar one and draws many similarities to Overhaul's goal of ruling over a Quirkless society. However, Flect's methods are far more horrific and destructive, ultimately overshadowing Overhaul and making his efforts appear minuscule in comparison.

Besides getting defeated by Deku in a spectacular 1 vs. 1, Flect and Overhaul have much in common, especially in their ideals. For starters, while aiming to rid society of Quirks, ironically both possess a Quirk and are reliant on it in their journeys to obtain their goals deeming it necessary. They also believe that Quirks bring out the worst in humanity and that if eliminated, the world will be a better place. And yet both plan on being the ruler of this new Quirkless age that they fight so hard to conjure into reality.

Overhaul's Debut

Leader of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul views Quirks as a disease that has infected people with "syndromes" of heroism and villainy. This perspective stems from his extreme phobia of germs and an unpopular theory suggesting that Quirks originated from rats. Although his driving force is to resurrect the era of the yakuza, specifically the power they once held over Japan before the appearance of heroes --particularly All Might-- pushed them to near extinction. With an extreme loyalty to the Shie Hassaikai's former leader and the yakuza who were forced into hiding, Overhaul strives to place the Shie Hassaikai on top by leveling the playing field for everyone.

Overhaul's plan consists of attacking others with a Quirk-destroying drug in the form of bullets. Made from Eri's Quirk, these bullets attack the Quirk genes exclusively and do not harm the rest of the body. Thus, while he aims to eliminate Quirks, his plan spares the people. With members of the Shie Hassaikai spread throughout the country, Overhaul operates only in Japan and circulates these illegal drugs through an underground network. Additionally, by viewing humans as mere pawns --the members of his own organization included-- Overhaul leads solely on fear which creates a delicate hierarchy in the long run since none of the other members truly respect or believe in his ideals.

Having manifested a powerful Quirk he could not control, Flect grew up shunned from his family and unable to make friends. As a result, he realized from a young age that he lives in a Quirk-biased society and developed a strong loathing towards Quirks for corrupting humanity. The basis of these beliefs can be traced back to the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory which is the foundation for Humarise. The theory suggests that as Quirks mesh and grow with each generation, they will eventually become so powerful and complex that they will be difficult to control, ultimately leading to the demise of humanity. Though not scientifically proven, Flect believes in this theory wholeheartedly and acts on the notion that it is fact. Immediately, it's obvious that Flect's motivations transcend his own twisted perspective like it does for Overhaul.

Taking Overhaul's plan to the next level, Flect's mission is spread internationally. He has followers all over the globe, able to distribute his Trigger Bombs worldwide and launch multiple deadly attacks simultaneously. Developed by Humarise, Trigger Bombs release a gas that kills anyone possessing a Quirk whereas the Quirkless are spared. The only Quirk wielders to be exempted are the ones associated with Humarise who also adhere to the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory. These selected people aside, Flect's plan involves eliminating 80% of the world's population, starting with the heroes whom he lured toward his bombs with false pretenses. What makes Flect the more dangerous villain is the sheer scale of his merciless plan from the global range of his deadly attacks to his vast number of loyal followers.

While Overhaul is certainly intimidating, Flect manages to pose a far more terrifying threat with a mission that extends far beyond a single country and a strong conviction to create a new society by completely annihilating the old one. And while only a few Japanese agencies were enough to take down Overhaul, the World Heroes Association needed to recruit heroes from all over the world just to stand a chance against Flect.

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