MHA: Bakudeku & 4 Other Fan-Favorite BL Ships

Boys' love ships have always been a popular method for fans to engage with some of their favorite characters. While many of these ships haven't been confirmed as canon, they're sustained by memorable interactions between the characters and all the magic of fandom.

My Hero Academia may not have any canon gay couples (yet), but the series has certainly inspired quite a few popular BL ships during its run so far. Here are a few of the ones fans love the most.


It's almost inevitable that childhood friends from any form of fiction will get shipped together, and Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are no different. Although their relationship has been rocky for the most part, they have shared some moments that fueled their ship. Some fan-favorite Bakudeku moments include Katsuki's long overdue apology to Izuku for how terribly he treated him and their first real fight. Thinking he was indirectly responsible for All Might's retirement was weighing down on Katsuki, and fighting Izuku was the only way he could be vulnerable comfortably. Incidentally, that fight was also the first time Izuku used Full Cowling with more than 5% of his power.


Katsuki made it clear when he enrolled in UA that he wasn't there to make friends, but Ejiro Kirishima didn't care about that. After recognizing Katsuki as "manly," Ejiro stuck to his side -- much to the former's chagrin. Somewhere along the line, a friendship was formed. Ejiro is undoubtedly Katsuki's best friend in 1-A but some epic moments they've shared, such as the escape from the Kamino Incident, have led many to believe that they could develop into something more.


As mysterious and aloof as Shoto Todoroki is, he's proven several times over that he has a soft spot for Izuku. Their first proper interaction happened at the Sports Festival when Shoto challenged Izuku in order to gauge his own strength. Before they fought, Shoto explained his reasoning for challenging Izuku, telling him all about his family history. Izuku didn't hesitate to throw it back into Shoto's face when he realized how much the past was holding Shoto back. Izuku might not be a Todoroki himself but he's certainly indirectly involved in their family drama now, even to the point of sharing insights on their situation that Shoto might have missed himself.


Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada have perhaps the longest-running friendship in My Hero Academia, and that might explain why they have so much chemistry together. Originally a trio of aspiring heroes, Present Mic and Eraserhead stuck to their goals even after losing Oboro Shirakumo and achieved Pro Hero status together. Both of them currently work as excellent mentors to UA students, imploring their charges to avoid needless risks so they don't end up like their old friend. The best Erasermic moments happen very casually, such as when Shota warned Hizashi against using his Quirk to blow away trespassing journalists in case they wrote half-truths about him. Their clashing personalities make their banter one of the series' best.


Everyone loves a great enemies-to-lovers scenario and should Dabihawks ever be canonized, it would be one of the best. Dabi and Hawks each work for organizations with conflicting goals, and a lot of their dynamic involves attempting to learn as much about the other as possible without revealing their own cards. Their coy relations are prime shipping bait for fans of both characters. Although a blissful future for both of them is highly unlikely, their ship does make for a lot of incredible fan art.

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