Medii – Replica Red EP

Occasionally, the best collaborations are thrown together first by circumstance and second by fate. With the odds arguably stacked against them geographically, producers Ari Kyle and Adam Lilley (L.A. and London respectively) initially connected through a couple of shared comments on soundcloud. The rest is history and forged the path for their duo, Medii. The group's new Replica Red EP is a 5-track-project that is a great introduction for new listeners to get familiar with the rising group. Tune in below now, the stand out track for me on this one has to be “Kiss Goodbye” but i'll let you readers sound off in the comments with your favorite! Enjoy.

“If a single track is like a good movie, then an album is a 14 episode mini series. Creating an emotional journey over a single track is possible, but only an album can tell the whole story.”  – Medii