Marvel’s Newest Team, The Union, Rises to Defeat Venom’s King in Black

Although Marvel Comic's originally meant to debut their newest superhero team, The Union, in their Empyre event series in February, it seems that the UK-based team will finally premiere this December for a new mission entirely. While the basic premise of the team stays the same -- super-powered humans uniting together, despite their colossal differences in upbringing, powers and personalities -- to form a top-secret team (the Britannia Project), they have a new villain to defeat, the King in Black.

The publisher released R.B. Silva's The Union #1's (newest) cover design, but this time, there was no teaser text to read alongside the cover. The only other included text are the words, King in Black. According to Marvel, their King in Black event is centered around the "long-dreaded arrival of Knull, God of the symbiote," and "will change everything we knew about the Venom mythos."

The Union will be written by Paul Grist (Judge Dredd, Jack Staff) and illustrated by artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation). According to the solicitation, the first issue will dive into the group's forming, their difficulties in working together and will set the stage for their ultimate goal of fighting against the Knull invasion of Earth.

The Union #1

  • Written by PAUL GRIST
  • Cover by R.B. SILVA
  • Marvel Comics
  • When Knull and his symbiote dragons invade Earth, the Britannia Project, a top-secret program, will assemble a new team of British super-heroes.
  • The goal: to be an exemplar of what Britain can be…to show that we can overcome our differences, and work together to protect with a common purpose!
  • The Union is led by the beloved Britannia, the noble warrior-hero who has long stood as a beacon for all that is best and bright in these historic isles. But despite the Project’s best efforts, these heroes aren’t quite what they seem, and Britannia may have her work cut out for her!
  • In addition to Union Jack, readers everywhere will soon meet exciting new UK-based heroes!
  • The Choir, a victim of scientific experiments who became a living weapon with sonic abilities: whether that’s subtle sounds to disorient people’s brains or screams that could knock over buildings! The most tragic member of the team, she finds it hard to trust others.
  • Kelpie, an ancient water demon who can turn her body to water and has control over water around her. Though she seems light and breezy, she may be the most volatile member of the team.
  • Snakes, the muscle of the team…but also the most mysterious. He’s a man of few words–probably because he’s a telepath to boot! People are uncomfortable around him. Is he a man to be trusted?
  • And of course, Britannia, one of Britain’s oldest heroes. She symbolizes all that’s bright and good about Britain. If she can’t whip these heroes into a team, no one can!

Currently, there's no set release date for The Union #1, but Marvel Comics expects the first issue to debut in December.

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