MARS RED Announces Full English Dub Cast

Funimation has debuted the English-dubbed version of Mars Red episode 1 ahead of the Japanese scheduled release of April 6 and revealed the entire English language voice cast and crew for the upcoming series.

The full English cast features Sean Schemmel as Maeda, Zack Aguilar as Kurusu, Aaron Dismuke as Suwa, Christopher Guerrero as Takeuchi, Bryan Massey as Yamagami, Mick Wingert as Nakajima, Ciarán Strange as Defrott, Reagan Murdock as Rufus, Caitlin Glass as Aoi, Dawn M. Bennett as Misaki, Ben Balmaceda as Moriyama, Bruce DuBose as Okimura and Katelyn Barr as Tenmaya.

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The crew for the English language adaptation has Jäd Saxton serving as the ADR Director, Tyson Reinhart as the Assistant ADR Director, Ricky Watkins as Lead ADR Engineer, Austin Sisk and Geoff Bisente as Assitant ADR Engineers, Shawn Gann as Cheif Editor, Jeramey Kraatz as ADR Scriptwriter, Olivia Harris as ADR Prep and Gino Palencia as Mix Engineer.

Based on Bun'ō Fujisawa's dramatic stage reading of the same name, MARS RED is set in the year 1923 in a world where vampires have existed for quite some time but are increasing in population. In addition to their increasing numbers, a mysterious artificial blood source called Ascra has appeared. In response to the vampire crisis, the Japanese government has created a specialized army unit called Code Zero with the goal of tracking and taking down vampire forces. Leading this specialized unit are Lieutenant General Nakajima and S-class vampire Defrott who must investigate the source of the increasing vampire population and put a stop to it before society as they know it takes a turn for the worst.

Co-produced by Funimation and Yomiuri TV Enterprise, the Japanese crew includes Kouhei Hatano as the series director, Jun'ichi Fujisaku as the script supervisor and writer and Yukari Takeuchi, who is adapting Kemuri Karakara's original character designs from the manga adaptation of Fujisawa's Mars Red.

Episode 1 of MARS RED is currently streaming on Funimation with episode 2 set to debut on the same day Japan will release the first episode, April 6.

Source: Funimation

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