MAPPA Takes On Another Series With Dance Dance Danseur

MAPPA is taking on another anime series with the newly announced Dance Dance Danseur.

The show's producers announced the new anime adaptation on Twitter. One of George Asakura's previous works, the coming-of-age story Oboreru Knife, was adapted into a live-action movie, but this will be the first of Asakura's manga to receive an anime adaptation. The series will be directed by Munehisa Sakai, who previously directed Zombie Land Saga and has worked on shows such as Sailor Moon Crystal and Yuri!!! On Ice. Yoshimi Narita, who also worked on the upcoming office rom-com My Senpai Is Annoying, handled the series composition, while Hitomi Hasegawa, who has worked on a large variety of shows ranging from Gurren Lagann to Kimi Ni Todoke, will provide the anime's character designs.

Dance Dance Danseur tells the story of Junpei Murao, a young man who goes to his sister's ballet recital expecting to be bored, but he ends up being moved by the power and grace displayed by the male dancers. Murao takes up ballet himself, but after his father dies unexpectedly, he decides to become "the man" of the household and moves on to more traditionally masculine pursuits, such as learning the martial art of Jeet Kune Do. That all changes one day, however, when a new girl transfers into his class and encourages him to rediscover his love of dance.

The new series is the latest anime adaptation from MAPPA, the prolific animation studio that is behind the final season of Attack on Titan, as well as the anime adaptation of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen and the upcoming Chainsaw Man. Earlier this year, an animator who previously worked with the company criticized the studio for taking on too many series and for subjecting its artists to "factory like" working conditions, which were allegations that MAPPA quickly denied. The studio recently opened a new location that is solely dedicated to the production of the Chainsaw Man anime, and the company announced that it is giving animators who work on that series higher pay and better benefits than the usual industry standard.

MAPPA's next releases will be the original anime Takt.OP Destiny, which it is co-producing alongside studio Madhouse, and Jujutsu Kaisen 0, a theatrical release based on the prequel manga that preceded the main Jujutsu Kaisen series. The studio will release the final part of the final season of Attack on Titan in January of 2022.

A release window for Dance Dance Danseur has been scheduled for sometime in 2022. No details have been announced about an international release for the new anime at this time.

Source: Twitter

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