Manga Horror Icon Junji Ito Reacts to the Internet’s Scariest Monsters

Junji Ito, the acclaimed author of Gyo, Uzumaki and other spine-chilling horror manga, critiques the internet's favorite monsters, but only awards one the title of "a true monster."

VIZ Media, which publishes Ito's manga in English, released a video, "Let's Scare Junji Ito," showing the mangaka clips of various monsters and hearing his take on which one scares him.

The first creepypasta monster Ito discusses is "Siren Head," which he likes and compares to one of his own manga stories about spooky sirens. "Mirror Matt" is deemed by the horror creator as both creepy and cute, and Ito again compares the image to his own interest in doppelgängers. Ito calls "Long Horse" more "mysterious" than "scary."

The artworks of "The Power Went Out" and "Lucid Dreams" take Ito time to decipher. An untitled piece by David Romero is declared "a true monster" worthy of starring in a movie and compared to the work of H.R. Giger. A bat monster illustrated by Twitter user @louceph also earns "true monster" praise from Ito.

"Creature Redacted" makes Ito laugh, and he praises its "novel design" while noting it gets scarier the more he looks at it. Ito also compliments the creativity of multi-mouthed design for "The Neighbor Down the Hall." The piece "Lamp is Broken" gets described as "manga-like" and comparable to Japanese horror sensibilities.

At the end of the video, Ito declares "Siren Head" his favorite of the monsters shown to him.

Source: Twitter

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