Man Found Dead In Lake Following Illicit Rave In Italy

An illegal rave that attracted nearly 8,000 attendees on a private swath of farmland in Italy this past weekend led to the tragic death of a British man. 

Gianluca Santiago, 24, reportedly dove into the Lake Mezzano at roughly 7:30PM. It wasn't long until friends realized he had never resurfaced, leading them to call the authorities.

According to a report from the Daily Mirror, Santiago was likely looking for a brief escape from the scorching temperatures that day. The area was ultimately searched by police, leading to the discovery of his body 60 meters from the shore. There is no currently no word on whether or not Santiago had drugs or alcohol in his system.

Gianluca Santiago, 24, died following an illicit rave in Italy.

Gianluca Santiago, 24, died following an illicit rave in Italy.

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Stefano Bigiotti, mayor of the neighboring town of Valentano, has called for authorities to "restore a situation of legality" as he hopes hold those responsible for what he called a "villainous and embarrassing" situation.

According to local news outlets, while the police were originally called to break up the ill-fated rave, they instead cut off access to the event while the partying continued on from Friday through Sunday.