Mall Grab, DJ Plead and Cop Envy release new music in aid of Australian fire relief

Australian artists and labels are rallying in support the relief fund for the bushfire crisis sweeping across the country by putting previously unreleased music on sale and donating the proceeds to organisations and charities tackling the fires.

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Mall Grab, DJ Plead, Cop Envey, Iota, Lou Karsh and Logic1000 are among the artists who have released unheard music on Bandcamp to support the relief, while labels such as Pelvis, NLV Records, Salt Mines, Butter Sessions, Animals Dancing, Superconscious Records, Burning Rose and Pharmaceutical Audio have promised to contribute up to 100 per cent prits made by the sale their releases for the time being.

German imprint and Public Possession and Californian outlet ESP Institute have also committed to supporting the relief funds.

Organisations being supported by the fundraising drive include the NSW Rural Fire Service, RSPCA’s bushfire appeal, South Astralia’s Country Fire Service, Wires Wildlife Rescue, First Nations Communities, Victoria’s Country Fire Authority and the Red Cross. You can donate directly by following the links in this paragraph.

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Writing on Instagram, Mall Grab said: “This has all got me incredibly bummed and angry, since I feel I have something a means to spread a message i’m putting up this “EP” with 4 unreleased mg bits that more than likely would never see the light day otherwise - i hope this can help at least a little, because i feel like this is all i can do at the moment”.

NPR reports at least 25 people have died in the fires, while 500 million animals are estimated to have died.

Links to purchase fundraising releases are embedded below.

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