Made in Abyss’ Most Burning Questions Going Into Season 2

Having debuted back in 2017, the Made in Abyss anime is finally returning for Season 2 in 2022. Fans have been anxiously waiting to watch the brave young cave diver Riko, robot boy Reg and rabbit girl Nanachi uncover the disturbing secrets of the mysterious Abyss -- and the immoral practices used to unlock them. Although years have passed since Season 1, two compilation films -- and a canon third film that continues the storyline -- have released within the last two years.

Much of Made in Abyss' appeal is from its vast worldbuilding and plethora of creatures and artifacts found within the seven known layers of the Abyss. The juxtaposition of a cute art style with disturbing topics and an unsettling amount of gore has captivated fans around the globe, at times shocking viewers not already familiar with the manga. After the conclusion of Season 1 and the recent movie, viewers were left with many burning questions. Here is what fans hope to see answered during the upcoming Season 2.

Will Nanachi Revive Her Precious Mitty?

Viewers are introduced to the odd duo of Nanachi and Mitty after Riko and Reg are attacked by a porcupine-like creature called an Orb Piercer in the Abyss' fourth layer. As Reg unsuccessfully tries to amputate Riko's poisoned arm, Nanachi -- a former human who now resembles a rabbit because of the sixth layer's curse -- lends a helping hand and offers to bring them back to her hideout.

There they meet Mitty, Nanachi's best friend who was horribly disfigured after she too was affected by ascending from the sixth layer. Upon defeating the Orb Piercer and successfully reviving Riko, Nanachi begs Reg to use his incinerator to kill Mitty and release her from her immortal bodily prison. After they mourn the loss of their friend, Reg suggests it is possible to revive Mitty. He goes on to explain that Riko was brought to life using a relic after being a stillborn. Nanachi is seen holding on to this hope throughout the Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul film, but will her wish actually come true?

Will Reg and Riko Confess Their Love for Each Other?

Reg and Riko in Made in Abyss

In Made in Abyss' Season 1 finale, Riko notices something different about Reg's boy parts after taking a dip in a lake together. Nanachi proceeds to tease Reg about kissing Riko in order to save her and give her oxygen, hinting at their strong but unmentioned feelings for each other.

Considering they are 12-year-olds, viewers may find this bit a little uncomfortable. Still, it is strongly hinted that they have feelings for each other, so will they be fully realized as the two dive deeper into the Abyss?

Will Reg Get His Memories Back?

Riko first encounters Reg in Made in Abyss during her initial solo excavation as an Abyss Cave Diver. In significant danger, she is suddenly saved by a mysterious light that tears a hole into the monster attacking her. Wanting to thank her savior, Riko encounters an unconscious robot boy and brings him up to the surface with her.

When he awakes, he has no memory of who he is, where he's from or how he got there in the first place. Riko decides to name him Reg. As Season 1 progresses -- and in Dawn of the Deep Soul -- Reg is seen having flashbacks of Riko's mother Lyza, proving they knew each other before he met Riko himself in the anime. How does Reg know Lyza, and how did he find Riko?

Will Riko Reunite with Her Mother Lyza in Season 2?

Lyza in Made in Abyss

At the start of Made in Abyss, Riko's relationship with her mother, Lyza the Annihilator, is kept secret due to the latter's status as a White Whistle -- a top-ranking Cave Diver who is well-known for life-changing discoveries of artifacts within the Abyss. After Lyza's whistle is brought to the surface and she is honored for her work, Riko admits to Reg that she doesn't even remember her mother's face.

Upon secretly receiving her mother's whistle, Riko is given a sealed letter from her that contains records of creatures that have not been released to the general public and a message that says, "I'll be waiting at the bottom of the Abyss." With this, Riko and Reg set off to descend into the Abyss to reunite with her mother and find out where Reg came from. By the end of the third film, Dawn of the Deep Soul, they have successfully reached five out of the seven known layers. Will Lyza meet them in the seventh layer? Or is she even deeper?

Five years is a long time to wait between anime seasons, so the announcement of Made in Abyss Season 2 was understandably met with much excitement. Hopefully these burning questions and more will be answered as the story continues in 2022.

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