Macross Plus Movie Edition vs the 1994 Macross Plus OVAs

Macross is an icon in the world of mecha anime, being almost as well-known as Mobile Suit Gundam. Unfortunately, part of this renown is more infamy than anything else due to the controversy surrounding its Americanized adaptation Robotech. Thankfully, the legal situation surrounding the franchise that kept later entries from being brought to the West has finally ended, resulting in American fans finally getting a taste of all of the deculture that they've been missing out on.

Macross Plus was an OVA series that acted as a true sequel to the original series, and its movie incarnation is finally being brought to non-Japanese viewers. However, this isn't merely the same old movie, with Macross Plus Movie Edition boasting all kinds of new footage and material. Here's what fans new and old should know about the flick when it finally comes West after almost thirty years.

What Is Macross Plus?

Macross Plus

The plot of Macross Plus is set 30 years after the end of the original Macross anime, supplanting the now non-canon Macross II as the series' true sequel. It revolves around Isamu Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman, a human and an alien Zentradi test pilot who were once friends but are now fierce rivals. Their antagonism is made stronger by a love triangle involving Myung Fang Lone, another childhood friend who's now the producer of a pop idol AI.

The movie was an instant classic due to its continuation of the original show's continuity, as well as its mix of hand-drawn animation and CGI. From there on, more anime, especially those depicting space dogfights, would utilize CGI to bring its stories to life. While fans of the original version may think they know what to expect, Macross Plus Movie Edition is much more than a simple repackaging of old material.

How Is Macross Plus Movie Edition Different?

The original version of Macross Plus was a four-part OVA series that came out in 1994, with a more streamlined film version coming out soon after. Macross Plus Movie Edition will be an even more streamlined version of the story that will also be more action-packed and contain entirely new scenes added to the story.

There will also be an included interview with the film's director Shoji Kawamori. Kawamori created MacrossEscaflowne and Aquarion, and also had a huge hand in developing the Diaclone franchise that would become Transformers. Needless to say, his impact on mecha anime is immense, so getting an inside glimpse into how he developed Macross is definitely a treat for fans. The movie is also scored by Yoko Kanno, who's perhaps most known for composing the music for Cowboy Bebop.

True to its name, Movie Edition will be a truly cinematic experience, even for those in the West. For one day only, Macross Plus Movie Edition will play in theaters, allowing American audiences to enjoy what Japanese fans were able to decades ago. Hopefully, this will lead to even more entries in the franchise being brought outside of Japan, allowing Macross to outgrow the shadow of Robotech.

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