‘Love Hertz’ Delivers a Modern Romantic Comedy with a Sci-Fi Twist

Love Hertz is a romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist for our modern era. Available today as an audiobook, ebook, and paperback book, Love Hertz is heavily inspired by dance music culture. Love Hertz is co-written by breakdancer Rodolfo Tagle III, music producer Kevin Flores, and filmmaker/music producer and budding industry tycoon Aaron Mostow. Love Hertz is a collaborative creative effort, with each of the three authors bringing their unique talents and backgrounds to the table. Mostow was recognized in EDM culture for his work on the award winning electronic music focused documentary Going Places. Paired as a team, the three co-authors have written what could certainly turn out to be a cultural phenomenon. Love Hertz tells the story of Taj Das, a struggling DJ in his 20s who like many others is constantly on the search for love, which always seems to be just out of his reach. He lives in the shadows of his accomplished older brother and his good friend, a popular local DJ, Skyler D, feeling like he never quite makes the cut. Taj’s father disapproves of his life choices, adamantly believing Taj would be better off pursuing a more practical career. As Taj and his father can’t seem to see eye to eye about his future, their relationship becomes more contentious. Taj then faces an ultimatum without much time to prove his father wrong.


After a terrible debut performance, Taj feels down in the dumps but decides to work on a new beat anyways. While working on a new track, Taj falls asleep on his synthesizer keyboard. When he wakes, he hears a mysterious and powerful frequency. What follows is a series of unexpected sexually charged encounters centered around him playing his beats. The frequency’s irresistible power to attract women simply cannot be denied. Taj makes a powerful decision to layer this sound on top of his beats and his career takes off, practically overnight. From here Love Hertz explores the mystery around Taj's beats and unravels how this unexpected discovery forever changes his life.


At Taj’s first successful performance, he has a brief but mesmerizing encounter with a woman named Janet who leaves a lasting impression; their connection continues to grow. With every triumphant show, Taj’s demand increases but so does his debauchery. Jealousy brews within Skyler D, the hot local DJ who is now eclipsed by the success of his once hapless friend. Taj’s ego spirals out of control and his musical discovery soon becomes his biggest obstacle. His meteoric rise and meaningless romantic encounters leave him feeling lonely and in the dumps. The only glimmer of light is his continuously growing connection with Janet. Before Taj’s biggest show, a disastrous event drives him completely off course, but his journey then leads him to a surprising realization. With this newfound success, will Taj ever find true and meaningful love? Taj reaches heights in his DJ career that he could never have dreamed of but even with great fame and power, “Love Hertz.”


The accompanying Love Hertz soundtrack features six stellar tracks straight from the audiobook. These tunes include some of today’s brightest underground electronic music stars. The EP kicks off with an original Epikker single “Revolution” featuring Noah Lowman’s super smooth vocals as well as remixes of the track from indie electronic gems Mansion and Frank Royal. Lowman’s soulful vocals are a central focus of the EP as also witnessed on the hyphy, electro house Divine Elements remix of Sum-in-1’s “Anywhere.” Also on the EP is Epikker’s fun and vibey single “Joyride.” The soundtrack is rounded out by Los Angeles duo Earthquake State’s hyphy single “Up and Down the Block,” which was originally featured on the Playstation video game Electronauts. The groovy six track soundtrack serves as a powerful complement to the Love Hertz story. The Love Hertz soundtrack is available now as a free download.


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