Listen to a playlist of Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s favourite bassline bangers

Bad Boy Chiller Crew are the rowdy Bradford rappers taking bassline to the masses.

The Bradford-hailing rap trio - aka Kane, Clive and Gareth - are breathing new life into the organ bassline sound that grew into a phenomenon in the North of England in the early 00s by fusing it with irreverent bars and an outrageous sense of humour.

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“We found us own sound [rapping] over bassline. Organ bassline, old skool Bradford/Leeds type of bassline,” described Kane.

“It's what we've learned off us Mums and Dads, people from estate, us uncle's mates,” noted Gareth.

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Alongside our recent profile, Bad Boy Chiller Crew curated us a playlist of their favourite bassline bangers.

It features classic and contemporary cuts from the likes of 3 Of A Kind, Real McCoy, Bru-C, and more.

They also wanted to tip a track that isn’t available on Spotify: Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder ‘Joy’ (Vocal mix).

Check out the playlist below.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew's 'Charva Anthems' EP is out now, get it here

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