Legend of the Northern Blade: Who Are Jin Mu-Won’s Strongest Allies?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Legend of the Northern Blade manhwa written by Woo-Gak, up to and including Chapter 100.

As a child who watched his father die, Jin Mu-Won started out feeling completely alone in Legend of the Northern Blade. However, as he grew older, his overwhelming strength and humble personality have naturally drawn many powerful allies to his side -- all of whom will play key roles in the future revival of the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Whether it be members of notable family sects or those with the potential to be strong martial artists, Jin Mu-Won accepts all with open arms and good intentions. This approach has led to an impressive ensemble pledging support to him while he continues his quest for revenge on his father's behalf.

Hwang-Cheol, The "Weakling" Who Has Grown By Leaps and Bounds

Legend of the Northern Blade's Hwang Cheol

A lifelong member of the Northern Heavenly Sect, Hwang-Cheol was the weakest member of the group. However, he was personally trained in the "Three Foundational Cultivation Technique" by fourth generation leader Jin Kwan-Ho so he could at least defend his own body. As a young orphan, Hwang-Cheol was refused entry into all the sects he visited before finally being accepted by Jin Kwan-Ho. This makes him fiercely loyal to the Northern Heavenly Sect, and Jin Mu-Won's most trusted retainer.

His connections to the White Dragon merchant troupe post-timeskip have already provided plenty of opportunities for Jin to connect with the outside world, and have gained him further followers as a result. After circulating his internal qi for several months in order to slow the spread of a deadly poison, Hwang-Cheol's physical strength vastly improved, reaching a level where he was able to send fully grown men flying with a light push.

Ha Jin-Wol, The Intellectual Prodigy

Legend of the Northern Blade's Ha Jin-Wol

Known by his epithet "The Three Eyed/mind Scholar", Ha Jin-Wol is a tactical genius and an intellectual prodigy in Legend of the Northern Blade. Despite not being born into to a noble family, he is renowned around Murim for his exceptional level of knowledge, to the extent where Seo-Moon Hye Ryung acknowledged how impressive it is that he reached a high spiritual realm through self-study alone. She also remarks that he might be the type of genius her grandfather, the nine skies' "Seeker of knowledge", is searching for. Ha Jin-Wol joined Jin Mu-Won's group because of his incredible power and idealistic mentality.

Ha Jin-Wol excels at illusionary arts and battle tactics, which he utilizes to make up for a lack of physical strength in combat. This is displayed during the group's encounter with members of the Broken Fist Sect, where he created several complicated illusions while simultaneously orchestrating the Iron Brigade's actions. The most complicated of these was the fourth tier illusion "Charm of the Night Ghost", which steals the sight of anyone caught within it.

Seo Mu Sang, the 'First Blade' to Jin Mu-Won

Legend of the Northern Blade's Seo Mu Sang

Seo Mu Sang was initially one of Legend of the Northern Blade's mercenaries tasked with watching the young Jin Mu-Won pre-timeskip. However, after witnessing the battle with the Demon of chaos, Seo Mu Sang pledged his loyalty to Jin and was named as his "first blade". His mind was clouded by a jealousy that dulled his martial abilities, but after receiving an anonymous lesson from Jin, he cleared his mind and gained an incredible boost to his physical powers.

Post-timeskip, Seo Mu Sang has infiltrated the Central Heavenly Alliance in order to better aid his liege when he returned to the public eye. This was achieved after surviving eight months of brutal torture and interrogation about the fate of Jin Mu-Won, never revealing the truth of Jin's survival and eventually gaining the Central Heavenly Alliance's trust. He then gradually climbed the ranks over the timeskip, ultimately becoming the head of the Special Investigative Department, where he enlisted a group of devoutly loyal martial artists to form the Pursuit and Capture Unit.

Tang Gi-Mun & Tang Mi-Ryeo, Poisoned Weapons Experts

Tang Gi-Mun and Mi-Ryeo

After being rescued from a group of assassins by Jin Mu-Won, this Uncle and Niece pairing joined his caravan and swore to support him in his endeavors. Born into the prestigious Tang Family of Siechuan, Gi-Mun and Mi-Ryeo are both well-versed in the use of poisoned weapons, with Gi-Mun being referred to as the "Possessor of Ten Thousand Poisons". His knowledge and manipulation of poison is nearly unmatched, enabling him to identify, extract and be immune to all variations of poison given enough time. He also has the ability to heal serious wounds with a secret poison-based technique, though this requires the aid of his niece Mi-Ryeo.

Gi-Mun wasn't born with the meridians needed to practice martial arts, which is why Mi-Ryeo always accompanies him as a bodyguard. She wasn't born with the Tang Family's immunity to poisons, but she is an adept martial arts user capable of defending both herself and her uncle.

Gwan Mun-Jung, The Steadily Improving Martial Artist

Legend of the Northern Blade's Gwan Mun-Jung

Gwan Mun-Jung is a young orphan employed as a bodyguard for the White Dragon merchant troupe. At first he showed no talent for martial arts while training under Hwang-Cheol, but has since shown explosive improvement after receiving private tutelage from Jin Mu-Won. Mun-Jung learned the "Three Foundational Cultivation Technique" from Hwang-Cheol and, upon receiving feedback from Jin, upgraded to a heavy longsword called "Redtooth" to develop his body further.

After just one full training session with Jin, Mun-Jung severed the arm of a Broken Fist member in the Peak Realm, whose body had been hardened by both "steel yang energy" and the "Fist of One Hundred Days". Following the White Dragon merchant troupe's return home, Mun-Jung has continued his training alongside Hwang-Cheol. He will undoubtedly become a powerful warrior for the Northern Heavenly Sect as Legend of the Northern Blade continues.

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