Legend of the Northern Blade: How to Get Started With the Manhwa

Legend of the Northern Blade is an action manhwa/webtoon based on an original story from Woo-Gak and illustrated by Hae-Min since late 2019. However, despite two years of consistent publication, the series has gone widely unrecognized when compared to similar stories like Solo Leveling and Dungeon Reset. 

In spite of this, Legend of the Northern Blade consistently provides its readers with eye-wateringly intense fight scenes that blend martial arts with spiritualism and swordsmanship. It achieves this all while maintaining a distinct art style, which focuses on sharp contrasts between generally darker tones and sudden vibrant highlights on the page that draw attention immediately. Here's what Legend of the Northern Blade is all about, and where newcomers can get started with the manhwa.

The Plot of Legend of the Northern Blade

The original pillars of the Northern Heavenly Sect

Woo-Gak quickly establishes the deep history of war within Legend of the Northern Blade, chronicling the decade-long conflict between the Northern Heavenly Sect and the demonic Silent Night, which only recently ended as the story's begins. Jin Mu-Won's father is the fourth generation leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect, but following the disappearance of the Silent Night and subsequent conclusion to the war, he is betrayed by those who once fought beside him and accused by the government of being a traitor to the people.

This leads to the disbanding of the Northern Heavenly Sect and Jin Mu-Won's father ultimately sacrificing himself to ensure his son's safety. Legend of the Northern Blade follows Jin Mu-Won's journey to become the rightful fifth leader of the Sect as he secretly trains in the martial arts of his predecessors, all under the constant watch of the Central Heavenly Alliance and the Nine Skies.

Jin Mu-Won's fate becomes intertwined with a complex cast of allies and adversaries as he travels a path of destruction and bloody revenge, also attempting to discover the truth behind his father's betrayal.

Where To Read Legend of the Northern Blade

The Nine Skies Silhouettes

All of the officially translated chapters of Legend of the Northern Blade are available for streaming on TappyToon, with the first three chapters being completely free and new ones being released every Thursday. TappyToon offers a range of options for purchasing the remaining chapters, using a points-based currency system. An individual chapter is 300 points; buying 30 chapters at a time will cost 9000 points, but will also earn an additional 600 points. Points can be purchased in different bundles for prices varying from $5 up to $49.99. A 20% first purchase deal is also on offer.

For those interested in the original Korean chapters of Legend of the Northern Blade, they are serialized in Kakao Page and collectors can find physical copies of the manhwa volumes for sale on eBay at around $39.99. However, be aware that they will be air shipped from South Korea and may therefore take some time to arrive.

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