Last Airbender Theory: The Devastating Fate of the World if Aang Died in Book 2

Avatar: The Last Airbender revolves around war and death quite a lot for a show meant for children. Viewers who rewatch it as adults can now fully comprehend the storyline's complexities and the pain and growth each character experiences from start to finish. From Aang being the last Airbender, to Zuko's inner desire to be good despite his family's wishes, and how difficult it was to achieve balance during the Hundred Year War, ATLA effectively tackles complicated topics while remaining family friendly.

At the end of Book 2, Aang and Katara are seen fighting Fire Nation Princess Azula during the coupe of Ba Sing Se. To everyone's surprise, banished Prince Zuko fights alongside his sister despite seeming like he was on Team Avatar. As a last resort, Aang starts to meditate into the Avatar State. Azula finds this the perfect time to strike him with a bolt of lightning, effectively killing him. Katara uses the spirit water to revive Aang, but it is eventually revealed that everyone thinks the Avatar is dead. So, what if that were true? What if Katara used the spirit water to heal Zuko's scar like she originally intended? Reddit user u/Ryujin87 raised this question in a recent thread.

A Sneak Peek of Avatar's World if Aang Had Died

Aang Helps Fire Nation Students Dance

In Book 3 of The Last Airbender, the entire world already believes Aang is dead, giving viewers a sneak peek of what it would look like. The Fire Nation is prepping for an invasion during the solar eclipse, where firebenders are at their most powerful. Fire Lord Ozai is making arrangements to become the Phoenix King -- the ruler of all Four Nations once they are united under Fire Nation rule -- while Azula is preparing to become the new Fire Lord. Without the Avatar to stop their efforts, they would achieve what they've always wanted: total rule.

The End of the Avatar Cycle

In Book 2, Episode 1 of The Last Airbender, "The Avatar State," Avatar Roku tells Aang that being killed in the Avatar State means the reincarnation cycle will be broken.  He warns young Aang to use this state wisely, as he is at his most vulnerable. Azula indeed manages to attack him in the Avatar State, so if Katara hadn't revived him, the Avatar cycle would've ended right there. With no Avatar, there would be no one to keep the Four Nations in balance. The Fire Nation would be unstoppable and the world would descend into totalitarianism.

Without Aang, The Last Airbender Would Be A World on Fire

Without the Avatar, the Four Nations can never achieve true balance as the Fire Nation would have complete rule over the others. The Water Tribes might be wiped out entirely at some point. Still, Katara wouldn't go down without a fight. With the loss of Aang, she would also probably be more amenable to learning bloodbending when she meets Hama. To the delight of many Avatar fans, the popular couple Zutara (Zuko x Katara) would most likely become canon as well. Toph and Katara would probably be at the head of the resistance, but without the Avatar their chances of success are slim to none.

Luckily, this isn't how The Last Airbender's story ends. Katara heals Aang using spirit water, and the Avatar goes into hiding until the time is right to emerge once again. Still, with an important person such as Aang having so much responsibility, one would think there would be a backup plan in case the cycle comes close to breaking again. Nonetheless, Team Avatar is successful in achieving balance, helping to set up a bright future for Avatars to come.

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