LA’s Finest DJ Duo Eflorem Drop Another Hyper-Bass Single Called “With You”

A talented duo, Eflorem have been producing some of the catchiest EDM songs over the last couple of years and their latest single, which is their best one so far, shows just how much the duo have evolved with their musical capabilities. The song is called “With You” and it’s making every EDM fan a life-long Eflorem fan because of their authentic style and ability to make the perfect rave song. 

Starting with pleasant futuristic sound-bites, “With You” takes on a vocal chorus that prepares the listener for the resonating drop. Packed with electrifying house beats and huge synths slicing the rhythm, the duo create a must-dance ambiance with masterful arrangements.  Accompanied by an entertaining music video, Eflorem shine both on screen and through their sounds.

Initiated in Boston, Massachusetts, Eflorem was formed on the East Coast and they made their way to LA with their many successes, which includes collaborating with History Channel, Space Yacht, EMX and more via their audio post-production company. 

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