Laid Back Camp: Rin Discovers Nadeshiko’s Big SECRET

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3 of Laid-Back Camp, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Rin has been on plenty of camping adventures already, and by now, so has her new friend Nadeshiko. However, the girls don't usually go camping together; instead, they text each other photos and descriptions of their wonderful outdoor adventures. Now, early in the new year, these friends are about to get a little closer.

Nadeshiko has learned a lot about the ins and outs of camping in these last few months, impressing the veteran Rin. Today, she's ready to repay Rin for all her help, on a special day where the two friends will learn a lot about each other... including some personal secrets.

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Rin's Culinary Adventures

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It's the new year, Rin is currently way out there in Shizuoka, and because of recent ice and snowfall, she can't easily drive back home to Yamanashi on her moped, so Nadeshiko decides to step in. Luckily, Nadeshiko's grandmother moves nearby in Hamamatsu, and Nadeshiko invites Rin to stay with the family on the 2nd and 3rd until Rin's grandfather can pick her up in his van. Rin is ready, and early on the 2nd, Nadeshiko heads to the train station to meet her friend at Sakume station at 11:00 AM sharp. While Nadeshiko is on the way, Rin decides to check out the local flavors and sights of Japan's coastline.

Interestingly, there's more than a few eel restaurants around here at Kanzanji Hot Springs, and Rin is eager to try them out, but her pocket change is down to a measly 1,290 yen (around $13), so she has to hold back. She gets a few snacks at a local shop and meets up with Nadeshiko at last. Already, Nadeshiko has something fascinating to show her: a flock of lovely seagulls, a local species, who are unafraid of humans and in fact hang out on the train tracks. When a train arrives, the birds scatter, and Rin is invited to a fancy eel restaurant.

Rin can't really afford this, but Nadeshiko insists, and she orders two deluxe eel lunches. Rin's eyes practically pop out of her head at the printed price: 4,000 yen? Nadeshiko treats her with a 10,000 yen bill her father gave her to repay Rin for all her help in camping so far. Rin is blown away by the taste of luxury cuisine, and with their bellies full, it's time to visit Nadeshiko's grandmother.

Rin Learns Nadeshiko's Little Secret

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Rin is greeted with a warm hello when she and Nadeshiko visit Nadeshiko's grandmother. Someone else is there too: Toki Ayano, Nadeshiko's old friend from middle school. Toki is a laid-back and easygoing girl who idly comments on Nadeshiko's great passion for snacking. As Nadeshiko chows down on some packaged snacks, Toki lets Rin in on a secret: Nadeshiko used to be a big kid. Rin can hardly believe it when she's shown pictures of the plus-size Nadeshiko in middle school, and at the time, Nadeshiko simply loved to snack day in and day out. Fortunately, Nadeshiko wasn't teased for it and didn't have body image issues, but Nadeshiko's big sister forced her into a weight loss routine. This routine not only made her trim and fit but gave her strong muscles for biking.

Rin has learned to be comfortable being alone while camping solo, but now she's come to appreciate the social aspect of camping. Going out into nature is even more fun with good friends, and that's a lesson Nadeshiko and her friends Aoi and Chiaki learned, too. The three friends check out more sights and sounds, including under the starlight, and by the next morning, Toki is already promising to visit Rin in Yamanashi this summer when the weather is nicer, and Rin is looking forward to it. Camping is something to share with old and new friends alike, and by the time Rin's grandfather picks her up in his van and drives her home, Rin is quiet but in great spirits. As hoped, the new year is off to a great start, and Rin is seeing camping in a whole new light.

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