Laid-Back Camp: Nadeshiko Is Finally Ready for Her Greatest Challenge Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of Laid-Back Camp, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Nadeshiko and her friends have been a team for months now, planning their camping trips together and bouncing ideas off each other. The outdoors club is a fun place to be, but sometimes, campers need to test themselves with a solo trip. It's Nadeshiko's turn to do just that.

Rin Shima has been a solo camper for a few years now, and after some trial and error, she got solo camping down to a "T." Nadeshiko has learned a lot from Rin, but putting lessons into practice is an entirely different ballgame -- and she's up to the challenge.

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Going solo camping can be fun, but it also takes a lot of work and patient preparation. Nadeshiko goes to Rin for advice, who suggests a short but essential checklist to review before heading off to the campsite, starting with choosing a destination. Google Maps is a fine option, including camper reviews and campsite rules, but it's also important to check the all-day weather forecast. Chiaki and her friends neglected to check the weather before their own camping trip and suffered through unexpected low temperatures as a result. It's also a good call to tell friends and family where you're going before a camping trip, just in case an emergency comes up, and it doesn't hurt to decide on some fun activities before heading out, either. Better yet, Nadeshiko can finally afford all the camping gear she needs for this trip, thanks to her new part-time job.

Nadeshiko follows all these steps, spending a day or two getting everything in order before heading out the door. Her big sister Sakura is a little worried, but Nadeshiko is positive that she can handle this. On the way to Fujinomiya, during a relaxing and fun trip via the train, Nadeshiko discovers the local flavors in a restaurant or two, treating herself to some fine gamoku shigure, a type of shigure-yaki. Nadeshiko isn't about to pass up a chance for a mouth-watering lunch, and she eagerly texts a picture to Rin, who happens to be having an adventure of her own.

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Rin is always looking for new horizons to explore, and she realizes that she's been in a rut recently. So, she hops aboard her moped and heads off to Hayakawa for some fresh scenery, including Lake Narada's hot springs resort and Lake Amehata on top of that. Rin cheers up as her phone buzzes with exciting updates from Nadeshiko's own trip, and soon enough, she happens across another member of the family: Sakura herself.

Sakura is a bit of a camper too, and as she explains to Rin, she goes camping about once a month or so, to get away from it all. Rin's run-in with Sakura is a bit awkward at first, but just the way Rin got to know Nadeshiko better a few weeks ago, she soon becomes good friends with Sakura as well. In fact, Sakura loves the same TV show as Nadeshiko and Rin, Moped's Journey. Then they get the same text message from Nadeshiko, who visited a food market on her way to the campsite. Both girls are encouraged by Nadeshiko's progress, and they know that they can trust Nadeshiko out there in the wilderness. The adventure is just beginning, and Nadeshiko might discover a thing or two about herself as a camper in the process. Camping can a pretty self-actualizing hobby, after all.

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