Laid-Back Camp: Chiaki Launches Her Own Lakeside Camping Adventure

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5 of Laid-Back Camp, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Rin's camping expertise has helped many others go on camping trips of their own. In Season 2, Episode 5, Rin and Nadeshiko are both busy with work shifts, so Chiaki takes what she's learned from Rin to lead her own expedition at Lake Yamanaka. Ena Saito and Aoi Inuyama follow Chiaki's lead for a lakeside adventure.

A Pit Stop At Caribou

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The girls don't have a lot of pocket money, but they've been working hard at their part-time jobs over winter break to save up some cash, and by now, they're bought almost everything they need for a cozy camping trip. There are still a few things still missing from their inventory, so once Chiaki and her friends board a bus bound for Lake Yamanaka, they stop by a waystation and visit a Caribou-brand outdoors shop. Chiaki buys a new cooking pot and a hammock, while Aoi finds herself a nice camping chair.

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Chiaki is showing a lot of initiative. This time, she and the others can't rely on Rin for their trip's success. Chiaki's proving her own worth as a camper; she may become the leader of the camping gang, and no doubt Rin must be proud of her. To pay tribute to the New Year's Day camping trip, Chiaki made sure that today's campground of choice is right on Mt. Fuji's front yard. That mountain is like an old friend by now.

Setting Up Shop At The Lake

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The girls love to explore the flavors of camping as well as the sights and sounds, and Chiaki already has a camping dinner in mind: northern-style hotpot, or kiritanpo. Chiaki's gang visits a grocery store further along the road to Lake Yamanaka to gather all kinds of ingredients for their hotpot dinner. But which ingredients lead to the best flavor? Chiaki texts Nadeshiko this question, and she responds with all kinds of mouth-watering ideas for chicken and vegetable hotpot. With dinner secured, the three girls get back on the bus heading to Lake Yamanaka.

Aoi and Ena are already daydreaming about the best tourist attractions around the sizeable Lake Yamanaka, but surprise: Chiaki rented a campsite on the lake's opposite side, a remote spot where the girls must rely solely on each other to set up camp. Aoi and Ena are less than thrilled, but they'll make the most of it, and once they arrive, they're dazzled by Lake Yamanaka's sparkling waters, lovely coastline and impressive view of Mt. Fuji itself. Chiaki is feeling brave and plans a campsite right at the most remote edge of the lake, just feet away from the waters. The stern camp manager says no, so the girls will end up with a more conventional camping site. This is no time to take risks; daring adventures can wait for another time. What will Lake Yamanaka have to offer on this fine day? Chiaki and her crew are ready to find out for themselves.

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