Kodansha Makes Select Vol. 1 Manga Collections Free for a Limited Time

Japan's largest publisher is giving away the first volumes of select manga for free through Aug. 2.

According to a press release, Kodansha, the publisher behind some of the most recognizable manga series like Naoko Takeuchi's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA, is releasing digital versions of the first volumes of several popular, long-running manga series like Attack on Titan, Miss Nagatoro and Tokyo Revengers. According to the press release, the goal of this free digital giveaway and sale is to "help new and existing manga fans get started" on Kodansha's most iconic series.

Kodansha is also offering discounted prices on digital versions of the manga series' second and third volumes. Through this limited-time offer, readers can purchase the series' second volumes for $0.99 and the third volumes for $1.99. Altogether, readers can buy the first three volumes of a series for under $5. This deal lasts until Monday, Aug. 2.

The complete list of the manga series featured in the giveaway and sale can be read below:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Chihayafuru
  • Days
  • Devil's Line
  • Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
  • Parasyte
  • Space Brothers
  • Sweat and Soap
  • Those Snow White Notes
  • To Your Enemy
  • Tokyo Revengers

To receive these free and discounted volumes, readers must visit the websites of participating digital vendors. The vendors include Bookwalker, comiXology, Google Play, Apple Books, Nook, Kindle, Kobo and izneo.

Source: Kodansha

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