Knights of X Quietly Sets Up [SPOILER] to Leave the X-Men – and Earth

The following contains spoilers for Knights of X #1, now on sale from Marvel

Knights of X is forcing a team of mutant heroes to venture across Otherworld on an arduous quest for the Siege Perilous, which could allow the mutants to freely return to the realm and help defeat the likes of Merlyn and King Arthur. Doing so might also quietly set up a new direction for a long-time X-Men hero who's been bereft of specific direction in recent years.

Knights of X #1 (by Tini Howard, Bob Quinn, Erick Arciniega, and VC's Ariana Maher) set up the perfect way to give Jubilee a major future in the current status quo, albeit away from the rest of the X-Men and the Earth itself.

Jubilee has found herself in a unique position within the 21st century. After being a primary member of the X-Men and then Generation X during the 1990s, Jubilee found herself adrift in a Marvel Universe that was constantly shifting. She lost her abilities as a result of House of M, briefly became a member of the New Warriors, and was even a vampire for a period. All of this came as something of a surprise considering how Jubilee had been quietly positioned to become a major figure in the future of the X-Men (especially with worlds like the MC2 Universe teasing her possible path to becoming a leader of the X-Men).

Her most recent team experience came as a part of Captain Britain's reformed Excalibur, which protected Krakoa from mystical threats. Jubilee was dragged into the conflict alongside her adopted son Shogo, who found peace in the realm thanks to its magics transforming him into a dragon. But it's had the side effect of leaving Shogo functionally in a coma in the primary-Marvel Universe, as he only seems to awaken while in Otherworld. This led Jubilee to reluctantly volunteer the pair of them for Captain Britain's mission into Otherworld to complete a quest for Roma, in hopes that she can restore him. But there's a chance Shogo will try to stay in Otherworld, which could see Jubilee move there too.

Notably, Jubilee isn't chosen for the mission to find the Siege Perilous while Shogo is, proving that within Otherworld he is still awake and active as a dragon. There's little doubt Jubilee will do everything she can to return to Otherworld to find her son, but this raises the question of what happens when she finds him, and he doesn't, or even can't, return to Earth. In that kind of situation, Jubilee might be perfectly positioned to move to Otherworld with him, potentially finding a permanent place in the mystical realm. If the X-Men and their allies are successful in routing the mutant-hating Meryln, it would make sense for some mutants to relocate to the realm and help strengthen the peace, which could prove to be a solid place to take Jubilee.

It works within the universe, as Jubilee and Shogo had been protected by the Green Priestesses and could easily find a home with them. But it also could be a unique place to put Jubilee and give her a purpose in the world again. Jubilee has been shunted into various directions since the ending of Generation X, with the only true constant becoming her love for Shogo. She's briefly belonged to X-Men teams but has never risen to her true potential. Being a mutant representative from Krakoa to Otherworld would allow her to be with Shogo while he retained his dragon form, It could also give her a genuine role to fill in the ever-evolving mutant corner of the Marvel Universe, something she's lacked for some time.

She could become a teacher and guardian to the Witch-Breed of the realm, living up to the legacy that she's been a part of since her adolescence. It's possibly even a perfect opportunity for the character, as her powers have been shown to operate on an entirely new level in the mystic realm. While it would place her in some unique levels of danger, having Jubilee end Knights of X by moving to Otherworld with Shogo might be the best way to give the character a unique place in the current era.

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