Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced with Stunning Trailer

Developer Square Enix recently marked the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts with a trailer for the next instalment of the video game franchise: Kingdom Hearts IV.

The announcement came alongside a trailer for the upcoming Android and iOS game, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. The trailer sees the return of Sora and his battles against giant enemies around Quadratum-- a large, expansive city set in a world unique in the franchise. The clip also sees iconic characters, Donald and Goofy, in addition to the first appearance of the mysterious Strelitzia.

In a press release, Square Enix stated, "Sora makes a triumphant return with an updated look at the beginning of an epic new storyline titled the 'Lost Master Arc.' Beginning with Sora facing off in a boss battle against a giant enemy, players are introduced to the Quadratum, a large, expansive city set in a gorgeous, realistic world unlike anything ever seen before in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Fans will be excited to see the return of Sora’s well-known companions Donald and Goofy, in addition to the first appearance of Strelitzia, a mysterious new character who appears before Sora in this strange new setting."

The last instalment in the main series was Kingdom Hearts III. The game was released back in 2019 after over a decade in development. Work on the game began in 2005 but it wasn't announced until 2013. The game was well-received upon release, with many calling it the strongest in the franchise. Kingdom Hearts III was also notable for concluding the "Dark Seeker Saga," which covered Sora's battle against the Seeker of Darkness, Xehanort and his many incarnations.

The upcoming Kingdom Hearts IV will begin a new chapter in Sora's adventures, following its predecessor's cliffhanger ending. The game will reportedly follow up on the events of Kingdom Hearts χ as well as Kingdom Hearts III.

Square Enix's franchise made its debut in 2002 with Kingdom Hearts-- a collaborative effort between Square Enix and The Walt Disney Company. The game franchise brings the loveable characters of Disney and heroes of the Final Fantasy series together in a story revolving around Sora, a teenaged hero from the Destiny Islands.

While there are only three released instalments in the main series, there have been a wide range of Kingdom Hearts games over the last 20 years. Including the mobile games and portable releases, the Kingdom Hearts franchise boasts a total of 17 titles.

Square Enix has not yet announced a release date for Kingdom Heats IV or which platforms it will be released on.

Source: YouTube, Square Enix

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