Kiera Please Shows Off a Stunning, Fiery Demon Slayer Cosplay

Kiera Please has debuted her latest Demon Slayer cosplay on Instagram, and this time she has taken on the persona of the series' beloved Flame Hashira, Rengoku.

The popular musician, voice actor and influencer has publicly showcased her love for Koyoharu Gotouge's popular shonen series several times before, having previously cosplayed the cowardly but powerful Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado, the younger sister of series protagonist Tanjiro. Her latest Demon Slayer costume is based off the always optimistic Kyojuro Rengoku, the Demon Slayer Corps.' Flame Hashira and one of the stars of the record-breaking Mugen Train movie. The costume comes complete with Rengoku's fire like haori jacket and the character's iconic orange nichirin blade.

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In addition to Demon Slayer, Kiera Please frequently posts pictures of her other cosplays, which include video game characters such as Metroid's Samus in her Zero Suit, Marvel characters such as Spider-Gwen version of Gwen Stacy and various characters from other anime and manga, such as Jolene Cujoh, the protagonist from the Stone Ocean arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

The social media star is just one of many celebrities who have proudly displayed their love of anime in recent weeks. Grammy award winning rapper and song writer Lil Nas X previously wore an outfit that featured Naruto references on it to the BET Awards, and recently tweeted out a series of pictures that seem to suggest his eye-catching, all gold Met Gala outfit was an intentional homage to Fate/Stay Night's golden king, Gilgamesh. English musician Dua Lipa also recently released her latest music video, which was created by a team of Japanese animators and is filled with references to the classic Sailor Moon anime from 1992.

Demon Slayer fans who want to see more costumes from the series might want to look into the upcoming New York City Comic-Con, as Demon Slayer's North American distributor Funimation has announced that it will hold a special screening of the Mugen Train movie at the event, which will feature special appearances from the film's English cast. Funimation will also host a variety of other activities at the event, including professional cosplay photoshoots, merchandise giveaways, panels and a free party for subscribers to its streaming service. The event will run from Oct. 7 - 10 at New York City's Javits Center. For fans who can't be there in person, Funimation will also post videos and livestreams from the event to their various social media channels during the weekend.

The second season of Demon Slayer is scheduled to begin airing sometime before the end of the year and will also be simulcast by Funimation. The new season will adapt the fan-favorite Entertainment District arc from the manga. The original season of the series is available for streaming on Netflix, Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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