Kara Major ‘s Video For “Glow” Reflects Her Radiance And Rise 

Following hits “Everything Works Out” and “NarciSecond,” Kara Major returns with a new music video for “Glow.” The song inspires listeners to discover their inner strength and radiance. Kara likens the sun's powerful rays to the untapped potential within everyone, ready to shine brightly.

The visuals for “Glow” weave Kara’s evolution, breakdancing, and quantum physics into an engaging story. Set in a plush penthouse overlooking Biscayne Bay, it traces Major’s ascent from a switchboard operator to Senior Vice President in under four years, attributing her success to her mentor and insights gained from Think and Grow Rich.

Kara Major transitions to an energetic breakdancing competition, partnering with Breakin' Mia and Stance Elements. The dancers, performing to the lyrics “now watch me GLOW,” energize the scene. Kara shines in a bright white attire, embodying the song’s title. Captured from various perspectives, including an intimate balcony scene with the artist sipping the ‘Glow’ drink, the video radiates calm and joy.

Kara’s use of 'glow' intertwines her life narrative and metaphysical concepts from Abraham Hicks and What the Bleep Do We Know!?. Aimed at inspiring viewers, particularly the youth, the video mirrors the mentorship that boosted Major’s career. “Glow” promises a blend of entertainment and inspirational narrative.

Watch the music video here:

Listen to “Glow” below: